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Medical Massage

Therapeutic Medical Massage Therapy

Targeted therapeutic medical massage therapy techniques including SRT, PNMT, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage and deep tissue massage have been clinically shown to significantly reduce pain and promote healing.

medical massage pain reflief

Pain Relief

With her certification and knowledge she gained from taking classes with Dr. Frank Jarrell on Spinal Reflex Therapy (soft tissue protocol), Aruna is able to help her clients recover and heal faster from shoulder, knee or hip replacement surgery.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage is a form of bodywork designed specifically for pregnant women. Pregnancy is a time in which a woman’s body endures tremendous stress due to dramatic physical, mental, and emotional changes.

Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage

Aruna had the privilege to work with cancer patients in Bethesda North Hospital for a few years. She has volunteered in the same hospital providing a healing touch to patients from the oncology floor, moms with labor pain, and other patients.

Rehab Therapy

Rehab Therapy

Aruna provides rehabilitative taping followed by massage therapy. This helps her clients go home with the benefits of movement feedback, postural awareness & correction, stabilization and pain reduction.

Massage Therapist

Aruna has had intensive training in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy.

Aruna is certified in Nurturing the Mother pregnancy massage, ashiatsu-barefoot massage, bamboo-fusion massage and myokinesthetic system and spinal reflex therapy and functional movement techniques. She also teaches spinal reflex therapy to licensed massage therapists. If you are a licensed massage therapist and want to hone your skills by obtaining continuing education credits, contact Aruna.

If you have a headache, soreness, stiffness, back pain, stress, sleeplessness, or just want to relax, Aruna can help you. Her therapeutic medical massage office is easy to get to in Mason, Ohio.

Listen to Aruna’s video to learn what inspires her every day.

Relaxation Massage Options

A relaxation massage is a whole-body, hands-on treatment that uses kneading, long relaxing strokes, tapping and percussion of your skin to help you relax. Aruna brings the ancient techniques to Mason, Ohio with a variety of massage options, including bamboo fusion massage, heated stone therapy, aromatherapy, ayurvedic oil massage, and the better known Swedish massage.

Holistic Medicine Practitioner

Aruna, owner of Therapeutic Medical Massage is a licensed massage therapist in Mason, Ohio. We are recognized across several associations as a quality medical massage therapist and holistic medicine practitioner.

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Massage Client Reviews

Therapeutic Medical Massage techniques successfully relieve pain and promote healing for our clients. Here are a few comments from recent clients. See our testimonials section for more.

Sherry Fisher
April 18, 2024
We can't thank Aruna enough for providing such wonderful massage therapy for our Dad in his final months. He suffered from Parkinson's Disease, and unfortunately, as part of his condition, had rigidity in his arms and legs. Aruna was able to provide so much comfort for him, as she alleviated a lot of his tension and pain through her massage therapy techniques. We truly appreciate all of the compassion she had for our Dad, as well as for the rest of our family. Aruna is a one-of-a-kind and we feel so lucky to have found her!
Kelly Kuhlman
April 9, 2024
Wonderful experience. Aruba is very knowledgeable and truly listens to her patients. The scar therapy has been extremely helpful!
January 15, 2024
After my cancer treatment, I felt a lot of discomfort. My skin was so stiff that it prevented me from doing simple tasks like zipping my bra. After several researches, My husband recommended me to have an appointment with Aruna and I couldn’t be more grateful. After the 1st visit, I felt like my whole body was recovering. MPS together with lymphatic drainage massage therapy provided by Aruna have been wonderful. I highly recommend her, thank you so much Aruna.
Corie Perry
December 19, 2023
Aruna had made such a wonderful difference to my post liposuction surgery. She has done MPS therapy to my scars and lymphatic drainage massages. I started 4 1/2 weeks post op with her and have had two sessions so far. Knots and scars are almost completely gone now. Every time I see her I’m shocked by how much better it feels right away. Soreness and pain are almost completely gone and I’m only 2 months post op right now! I cannot recommend her highly enough! I’m so glad I found her on google and chose to come to her!
Amy Waldbillig
December 18, 2023
Wonderful atmosphere and outstanding therapeutic massage!
vamshi krishna
October 13, 2023
My left toe fingers were not flexible and used to get stiff when i try to twist or move them. After the therapy I was able to move the finger and also twist it on top of the other. There was an immediate result and gelt so good after 10+ years.
Sowmya G
August 14, 2023
I had been to Aruna Ramamurthy as I was suffering from scar tissue due to hysterectomy surgery, Aruna helped me with Lymphatic drainage massage and MPS therapy for Scar tissue release, which made a positive impact in my life. Am able to move freely than before!! I Highly recommend Aruna to others who are in need!!
Mary Ann Helton
July 11, 2023
I suddenly experienced extreme stiffness and pain in my neck and shoulder area. Went to my PCP, who prescribed a muscle relaxer and a pain pill. I took them for a few days, which helped somewhat, but decided to discontinue them. After a week, the pain was still there, so I contacted Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage. She did spinal reflex therapy massage and MPS therapy for scar tissue release on my neck from a previous thyroidectomy. It has made a real difference in my pain by alleviating the discomfort to improve my mobility on my neck and shoulder. Aruna is wonderful, caring, and professional.

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