Do you find your spinal reflexes differ from those around you? For whatever reason, sometimes your spinal reflexes get out of whack with the rest of your body. If you find this happens to you, turn to Therapeutic Medical Massage. We offer Spinal Reflex Therapy. This therapeutic massage is designed to counteract any symptoms you may experience related to nerve, muscular pain, skeletal pain, or dysfunction. Read on to learn more about spinal reflex therapy.

What is Spinal Reflex Therapy

Spinal reflex therapy isn’t a specific type of massage. Instead, it works to reduce symptoms of Spondylogenic Reflex Syndrome. This disorder affects many different areas of your body, making it hard to find a comprehensive treatment. That’s where spinal reflex therapy helps. Through specific techniques, this therapy works to “reset” the body to provide relief from your symptoms. After each session, patients report less pain than those who don’t receive spinal reflex therapy.

Overall, Spondylogenic Reflex Syndrome is a fancy way of saying you have pain in your muscles and soft tissues of your body. The pain can be something that recurs or happens on a sudden basis. Either way, the pain causes a tensing of the muscles which affects your life in a negative way.

Who Benefits from Spinal Reflex Therapy

Anyone who experiences pain can benefit from spinal reflex therapy. We work from the neck down to pinpoint the area experiencing pain. We also talk before your appointment to see where you think the pain manifests. It’s important to answer all the questions honestly during the pre-appointment talk. Aruna will use the answers to determine the right treatment for you.

The upside to spinal reflex therapy is that it’s for anyone. It doesn’t matter your age or medical history. If you’re looking for a temporary form of pain relief, turn to spinal reflex therapy.

While spinal reflex therapy is a great therapy if you’re looking for a temporarily relief from pain. Unfortunately, there is no overall cure for Spondylogenic Reflex Syndrome. However, using specific therapies and treatments helps to keep the symptoms at bay for longer periods of time.

What Caused My Pain?

The start of Spondylogenic Reflex Syndrome is hard to pinpoint in different people. So, there’s no real way to tell what the disorder. However, we do know the spinal reflex therapy provides temporary pain relief. Additionally, some of the complications of the disorder go away with spinal reflex therapy.

Some of the pain associated with Spondylogenic Reflex Syndrome includes chronic and acute pain, and balance problems. Also, if you want to increase range of motion or speed up recovery from any kind of injury, spinal reflex therapy may help.

Help get your bodily reflexes in line again with spinal reflex therapy. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we work with you to learn your symptoms and provide tools that work. Whether you need a massage for a specific medical problem or as a way to relax, let us help. Contact the office to schedule an appointment now.