At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer many types of massages and holistic and natural treatments. One of the treatments we offer includes cupping therapy. Cupping therapy helps many people with a variety of issues. Many people have experienced the benefits of cupping and how it helps in their lives.

What is Cupping?

Cupping therapy involves suctioning cups to various places of your body to produce a healing effect. Overall, the suction has many different purposes, which makes it a great part of a treatment plan for many different ailments.

To start, we fill the cups with some kind of flammable liquid. Next, we set it on fire. The fire heats up the inside of the cup. Once the fire is extinguished, we place the cups on various places of your body. Usually, three to five cups go on your body. The placement of the cups helps reduce pain.

As the cups cool, your skin is suctioned into the cup. This is when your skin reddens and rises into the cup, causing the blood vessels to expand. The cups remain on your body for about three minutes. During this time, many different treatments happen. These treatments include muscle relaxation and relaxation of soft tissue. From there, we remove the cups and apply an anti-bacterial cream and bandage the area. This prevents any potential infection from forming. Swelling and bruising goes away within 10 days.

Who Benefits from Cupping?

A variety of people reap the benefits of cupping. Whether you’re an athlete or have certain types of diseases, cupping may work for you.

First off, many athletes receive cupping therapy after an intense workout or athletic event. To prevent a build up of lactic acid, athletes turn to cupping therapy after their event. It also gives them a way to relax after the event. In fact, many people use cupping therapy as a way to relax, not just athletes.

However, cupping therapy isn’t just for athletes. Again, cupping therapy helps in relaxation overall. Also, it helps in facial rejuvenation, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and even reduces the amount of headaches you experience. If you have pain different types of health disorders, cupping therapy may help.

However, cupping therapy isn’t for everyone. If you’re currently menstruating, take blood thinners, or have blood disorders, you should avoid cupping therapy.

Massage and Cupping

Cupping therapy is a great supplement to any massage. Additionally, cupping therapy and acupuncture also go hand-in-hand with each other. During your conversation before your appointment, bring up if you want either in conjunction with your cupping therapy. Also, you’ll decide whether you want a wet or dry cupping therapy. Wet cupping therapy involves some removal of blood, whereas dry cupping therapy works with suctioning only.

Cupping helps people in many different ways. Whether it’s a form of relaxation for you or you have a specific reason, cupping therapy may help. If you think cupping can help, reach out to Therapeutic Medical Massage. We will work with you to come up with the right kind of medical massage therapy to suit your needs. Contact Therapeutic Medical Massage now.