If you experience chronic soft tissue pain or the lasting effects of painful scar tissue, microcurrent point stimulation (MPS) may be the perfect solution for you. MPS scar tissue release therapy is a method used to release or relax scars which significantly reduces the restrictions of scar tissue. If left untreated, scar tissue can grow and restrict blood flow, which can eventually cause pain and obstruction in internal organs. These effects can show up years after surgery or injury. MPS works to restore the flow of fluids, increase range of motion, accelerate cellular healing, and relieve chronic and acute pain. While MPS helps to alleviate your pain and scarring, this therapeutic medical massage also benefits the whole body. If you have scars from injury, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, or any medical procedure, read on to find out how MPS works to reduce stress, relax, and soothe your chronic pains.

How Scars Affect the Autonomic Nervous System

Scar tissue is unlike our normal tissue as it bridges gaps in the skin, fills space up. Additionally, scar tissue is stiffer than our usual, healthy skin. Scar formation can last for more than a year. In that time that the scar is forming, the body has noticed the wound and is sending unorganized collagen (separated or fragmented fibers) to quickly patch it up. Our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) controls and regulates the automatic functions of our organs. Scars are serious stressors to the body due to their effect on ANS. Scars restrict energy flow through nerve fibers- this results in chain reactions. It is best to consider releasing scar tissue.

Reduce Stress and Regulate the Autonomic Nervous System

MPS Therapy involves the use of a tool called The Dolphin Neurostim. This device applies brief, concentrated microcurrent pulses to the treatment area. These pulses work to relax our muscles and release our body’s natural painkillers (endorphins) by reducing nervous system stress. It works extremely well and effectively at releasing scar tissue and chronic pain. A huge benefit of MPS Therapy is that the ANS becomes regulated. As mentioned above, the ANS becomes distressed by the presence of scar tissue.

Cellular Healing and Pain Relief

The microcurrent vibrations of the Dolphin Neurostim work to repolarize the local tissue and release the areas influenced by the scar. This is extremely important when it comes to resolving chronic pain. Loosening scars that directly impact the site of pain can (often) be the main factor in treating chronic pain. The beautiful thing about MPS Therapy is that your body does the healing- not the machine. The device simply aids the body in releasing that build of tension and stress. MPS Therapy has scientifically documented (about) 80% improvement for pain relief and functional outcomes. If you have scars from surgery, injury, or suffer from chronic/acute soft tissue pain, contact Aruna today to set up your first MPS Scar Tissue Release Therapy appointment. Aruna is a certified therapeutic medical massage therapist and is excited to start your healing journey today.