5 Reasons You Need a Warm Stone Massage

Massages are extremely significant in many differing aspects that can give you both short-term and long-term effects. Though there are many types of massages, one of the most effective massages is the hot stone massage. The massage uses a variety of warm rocks that the therapist places on your body to help retain and evenly transfer heat throughout your body. With a relaxing warm stone massage, you are not constricted to just relieving tension and pain, but also reducing stress, better sleep, and the boosting of your immune system.

Tension and Pain Release

Heat is an effective way to ease aches or muscle pains, especially within a back or neck. When you use muscles incorrectly or too much, it leads to the muscles tightening, leading to pain. However, the heat from the stones warms your muscles, which leads to an increase in blood flow to the specified region, which can alleviate certain spasms and even lead to a greater range of motion within that area. A skilled masseuse is then able to address the deeper tissue.

Reduces Stress

The heat from the stones works hand-in-hand with the therapist, transforming you into a place of rest and comfort. By introducing heat to the body through the stones, the muscles respond better to techniques such as kneading, allowing your message therapist to do even greater work. When experiencing a massage, endorphins release that allow you to forget about stress that may be weighing heavy on your shoulders.

Better Sleep

In general, massages have proven to improve sleep well after the procedure. With the heat given off by the stones, it is even more effective due to the state of mind it puts you in. The massage eases you and allows you to gain a better amount of sleep, as well as the quality of the sleep improving. With the promotion of sleep from the therapy, the other effects (reduced stress, tension and pain release) will continue to apply to you after the message is finished.

Boosts Immune System

Swedish massages, a therapy incorporating elements of the hot stone massage, have shown to positively increase biological effects within individuals. A scientific study shows that after putting patients under a Swedish Massage for 45 minutes, the volunteers experienced drastic effects on the immune system. By applying the warm stones to your body and allowing your massage therapist to work her magic, your immune system could improve in no time.

Overall Health

On top of listed the benefits that are provided through a hot stone massage, it is also great for your overall health. In allowing you to relax, providing better sleep, and reducing stress, your overall health due to the massage will drastically improve. With a healthier self, you will be more willing and capable to do what you need to do.

Clear Benefits of Stone Massage

With the positive effects that warm stone therapy provides, one is sure to experience relief and relaxation. Your massage therapist will transform your experience with the help of the hot stones easing the tension and pain from your muscles. If you are interested in scheduling a massage or learning more about it, contact Therapeutic Medical Message today!