Cupping After an Injury Therapeutic Medical Massage scaled

Regardless of your age, when you have an injury, you want to resume normal life as soon as possible. Depending on the extent of the injury, that may be possible. When it comes to healing, you’ll want to follow what your regular physician tells you to do. If they allow some alternative therapies, you have many different options. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer cupping therapy, which is a way to help alleviate any injuries you may have.

How Does Cupping Work

Cupping works to increase circulation and alleviate pain from a specific area on your body. The most common area where people receive cupping therapy is the back. However, you can also receive cupping therapy on other areas of the body. Anywhere that has a lot of flesh is going to be great for cupping.

To start, we place a cup on the area receiving treatment. The cups then begin to suction your skin up into the cups. This allows for more blood to enter the area, thus increasing your overall circulation. It also helps in draining toxins and extra fluids from your body. Additionally, with more blood entering the area, it stimulates a healing process, leading to healing faster.

What Injury Works Best With Cupping

One of the best things about cupping is that it can help treat many different types of injuries. It has therapeutic and relaxation benefits, so you can use it as a complimentary therapy for a variety of problems. If you’re looking for a more therapeutic usage, cupping is great for chronic and long-term health issues. Similarly, if you’re looking to increase healing after an injury, cupping can also help. As discussed above, it helps to open different healing pathways in a more natural setting. Cupping therapy has helped many people who suffer from back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain. Many times, we can combine cupping with some of the other therapies and massages we offer.

Does Cupping Help With Other Things

For athletes who want to get back to the game, cupping is a great way to do that. Whether it’s used because of an injury or as a preventative measure combined with a pre-sports and post-sports massage, it provides an increase in blood flow.

It also helps for those who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines, breathing disorders, and arthritis and carpal tunnel. When your body has an increase in blood flow, it improves your body’s overall circulation. The improvement in circulation means your body is processing fluids and toxins better and working harder to get them away from their body.

Cupping therapy has a number of benefits for many people who use it. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we have a variety of therapeutic methods to help you feel better over time. Whether you want use cupping on a regular basis or because of a specific ailment, Aruna can help. Contact Therapeutic Medical Massage to schedule your cupping therapy now.