Shoulder Pain Relief

Cupping is an ancient form of massage therapy and it is extremely effective. The magic of cupping therapy can work out the toughest of chronic pain- including shoulder pain! If you suffer from shoulder pain or discomfort, read on to find out how suction cup treatment can heal you.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

‘Shoulder pain’ is a pretty broad term for anything that causes discomfort to your shoulder. This pain can be caused from any irritation of the joint or the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that support the actual joint. Pain in our joints, muscles, etc. can be from chronic diseases, but also from everyday use. The strain on the shoulder can stem from (but is not limited to), sleeping on your side, overuse of the joint, using your shoulder wrong, sprain, strain, bursitis (inflammation), and more.

Cupping Therapy For Shoulder Pain Relief

When receiving cupping massage therapy, suction cups are placed on the problem areas of the body. In normal massage treatments, the massage therapist will use compression techniques to relieve the areas of pain. Cupping therapy is different in that it operates by decompressing via the cups. The pulling action from the cup decompresses the soft tissues and muscles– all of this works to increase blood flow and accelerate the natural healing process of the body. With the immediate increase in circulation, cupping massage therapy is a faster pain relief method than regular massage care.

Other Benefits

The plethora of benefits from suction cup therapy almost seems too good to be true. If the quick pain relief is not enough to sell you, how about these other benefits? The improvement in circulation also helps to detox your body, motivate cell repair, reduce tension, and increase mobility and range of motion. Further excellent benefits are the release of scar tissue, improvement of healed scars, help in digestion, reduced feelings of anxiety and depression, and reduced blood pressure.

Begin Your Relief Today

This form of therapy is also great for other areas of the body, not just shoulder pain! If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, reach out to Aruna. Upon accessing your situation, Aruna and her team will get you on your path to healing.

As an experienced medical massage therapist, Aruna listens to your specific concerns. She understands and safely uses pressure to specific acupressure points for your well-being and comfort to provide shoulder pain relief to those areas that need attention. The medical massage office is located in Mason Ohio right off of Tylersville Road.