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When it comes a massage, you have many different options. Whether you want a relaxation massage or a massage for a specific purpose, like a pregnancy massage or a massage for a sports injury, Therapeutic Medical Massage can help. In addition to our various massage types, we also have add-on benefits. One of the more common add-on massage types includes the hot stone massage. Below, we’ll go over some of the hot stone massage benefits while discussing who should and shouldn’t receive a hot stone massage.

What is Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage uses stones to aid in your overall massage experience. Some consider a hot stone massage as an in-between of a Swedish massage and deep tissue massage because you get the relaxation that comes from a Swedish massage while easing tension in the muscles and deep tissue of your body like a deep tissue massage does. Your massage therapist puts stones at various points on your body and moves them around to help you relax while easing any tension. Some of the areas include the spine, the stomach, the chest, or even your face. Sometimes, the use of cold stones follow to cool down the skin after a hot stone massage.

Ease Muscles

When heat penetrates your muscles, it helps to relax them. So with a hot stone massage, the stones help relax your muscles because of increased blood flow. As an additional benefit, you may experienced increased flexibility following a hot stone massage. And, if you experience more muscle pain, you may also benefit from hot and cold stones during a massage.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Everyone feels stress and anxiety at different times in their lives. If you want a way to forget about any stress and anxiety in your life, any type of massage can help. Because of the pathways unlocked during a massage, it helps people feel better overall.

May Improve Sleep

Letting go of worries helps improve your sleep each night. With stress and anxiety reduced through a massage, it may also improve the quality of your sleep.

Who Shouldn’t Have Hot Stone Massages

While a hot stone massage sounds relaxing, some people shouldn’t get one because of their health. If you have diabetes, take a blood thinner, recently had surgery, or have diabetes, you shouldn’t receive a hot stone massage. If you have any of those, talk to Aruna to see what kind of massage will work best for you.

If you want a way to take your massage to the next level, a hot stone massage may help. However, certain people shouldn’t have a hot stone massage for health reasons. The best way to know if a hot stone massage is by talking over your health history with Aruna during your pre-massage appointment. Be honest during this conversation, as withholding information may hurt your health overall. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate extra relaxation in your massage, turn to the hot stone massage at Therapeutic Medical Massage. Contact the office to schedule your appointment now.