Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Well-Being

Utilizing targeted therapeutic medical massage to improve your everyday life is an excellent choice. Aruna can help you become the best version of yourself. Read on to learn how these types of massages can improve your quality of life.

What Is a Medical Massage?

Essentially, a medical massage is a result-based form of massage therapy. Many people think of relaxation massages when they think of massages. Relaxation therapy is primarily used when individuals are in a stressful period of life and need to unwind. They can be utilized to settle feelings and symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you want relaxation benefits as well as reduced pain, a medical massage can help.

These massages promote healing and provide relief– this is why sometimes they can be more uncomfortable than relaxation massages. These types of massages utilize firm strokes, kneading, and tapping in order for the therapist to work deep within the tissue. Medical massage can be used to address a number of issues with the body. Examples of medical massage include oncology massage, sports and rehab massage, lymphatic drainage, cupping therapy, pregnancy massage, and so much more! No matter what problem area you may need addressed, Aruna and her team are here to help you.

Other Benefits

Aruna uses targeted therapeutic techniques that have been clinically proven to drive results. Additionally, these results include reduced pain and increased healing; overall, these massages will promote balance throughout the body and complete relaxation. Supplemental benefits, other than pain-relief, include:

  • Improved digestion,
  • Improved range of motion,
  • Soothes the nervous system,
  • Deactivates painful trigger points,
  • Improved circulation,
  • And so many more excellent benefits!

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If you experience pain in your day to day life, contact us to schedule an appointment today. Altogether, medical massages will reduce your chronic pain as well as improve your everyday life.