Is Lymphatic Massage After Surgery Beneficial

If you have recently undergone a surgery, a lymphatic drainage massage is an excellent option. This type of massage works specifically to rid the body of cellular build-up. Read on to find out how this helps you to relax and speed up your recovery process.

What Is Our Lymphatic System?

This system works to keep the body’s fluid levels in balance as well as fight against illness, disease, and infection. As part of your immune system, it runs throughout the whole body. This system’s job is to drain the body of lymph, a fluid produced by the body, and cellular waste.

How Does Manual Drainage Help?

A manual lymphatic drainage massage utilizes both knowledge of the body and the power of massage. If you have just undergone surgery, your body is trying to heal you as quickly as possible. Lymphatic drainage massage greatly helps expedite this process in a safe manner. Manual drainage is encouraged by very light, gentle, and relaxing strokes. If the thought of a massage after surgery sounds painful, there is no need to worry. A lymphatic massage is surprisingly very comforting and relaxing. The gentle pulling and stretching hand movements on top of the skin, work to move the excess fluids underneath the skin. This is great for the body because it is best to avoid cellular buildup, especially after surgery. This form of massage greatly motivates the lymphatic system to become decongested. Other excellent benefits to this massage include:

  • Reduced scarring,
  • Sped-up recovery,
  • Encourage the natural cycle of the body,
  • Pain relief,
  • Reduced feelings of anxiety,
  • And more!

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This is an excellent option for individuals who have just undergone plastic surgery of any kind- breast augmentations, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, etc., or medical surgery. To find out if manual lymphatic drainage is for you, contact Aruna today.