What Does Massage Do for Chronic Pain

Consistent massage therapy is a great way to alleviate chronic pain. Massage therapy works so well because it helps to relax the entire body. Read on to find out how it all works, as well as the many benefits massage therapy provides.

How Does Massage Work?

The physical manipulation of the skin, muscle, and tissues causes the body’s blood flow to increase. When your blood flow increases, this means the blood is being rushed to those tense muscles and painful tissue. Not only is this excellent for the healing of your muscles, it is beneficial to the body as a whole. When your body undergoes constant states of stress, such as living with chronic pain, you are never able to fully relax. The increase in blood flow allows for nutrients to rush to the problem area quicker as well as a release of endorphins. So, you are not exclusively helping out your chronic pain– you are also helping your mental health. An increase in mental wellness also helps maintain physical wellness by reducing physical discomfort, pain, tension, and stiffness.

Other Benefits

As mentioned above, massage therapy is excellent for your entire body. Living with chronic pain means suffering from chronic pain– no one should have to do that. Receiving massage therapy for chronic pain relief will allow you to see results, have relaxed tissue, and enhanced circulation. The key to seeing and feeling long-lasting results is seeking consistent massage treatment. While massage is, unfortunately, not a permanent solution to chronic pain caused by illness or disease, it is outstanding at reducing the symptoms and preventing further pain. Massage helps prevent pain due to the increase in circulation. When your body experiences increased circulation, it reduces fluid build ups– resulting in decreased inflammation.

Aruna Wants to Help

Aruna is a certified medical massage therapist who wants to help you feel better. She will cater her practices to your specific needs utilizing techniques such as PNMT, TMJ, deep tissue massage, or SRT. Contacting Therapeutic Medical Massage for medical massage therapy is a terrific way to look out for your mental and physical well being.