Medical Massage Near Me Solution

Are you looking for pain relief? When it comes to pain relief, medical massage can be an excellent solution to help ease your pain. As a licensed massage therapist, Aruna is ready to help. Located in Liberty Township, Ohio, Therapeutic Medical Massage is your medical massage near me solution. We offer a variety of medical massage services to help people experience pain relief from a variety of medical conditions. Learn about some of our services we provide for our clients.

Pain Relief Massage

At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we have a number of pain relief massages we offer. To start, we’ll have a discussion before your massage to see what is causing you pain. We’ll use that information to determine the right type of massage for you.

Some of the pain relief massage types we offer include:

  • Spinal reflex therapy
  • Precision neuromuscular therapy
  • Pain associated with TMJ
  • Deep tissue massage

The specific type of massage will be determined during the conversation you have prior to your appointment. You should never experience pain following a massage, but you may feel sore or uncomfortable.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Are you feeling sluggish? That could be because your lymphatic system is backed up. To jumpstart your lymphatic system, we can perform a lymphatic drainage massage, which uses specific types of touches to help kickstart your lymphatic system. This is mainly used when people have recently have surgery, like knee surgeries or liposuction. It helps jumpstart the lymphatic system and helps to remove waste and toxins from staying in your body for long periods of time.

Sports Massage

Are you an athlete or know an athlete? We offer sports massages and perform them both before and after a sporting event. The pre-sporting massage helps warm up the muscles in addition to the warm up from the event. The post-sporting massage helps relax the muscles following the event and helps to remove any buildup of lactic acid following the exercise.

Cupping Therapy

In addition to the sports massage, we also provide cupping therapy. The cupping therapy uses specialized cups to increase circulation and blood flow to help reduce pain from a number of chronic conditions.

Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage isn’t necessarily a medical massage, but it will help you relax and experience less stress overall. Our relaxation massages, like a Swedish massage, aim to relax you as a whole. Through the relaxation, you’ll also experience less stress and anxiety in your life, which can help you live a healthier life with a better outlook. If you’re looking for a massage that you can have every once and a while, a relaxation massage can help. Just know it won’t cause some pain relief compared to other types of massage.

At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer a number of different massage services, including relaxation massages, medical massages, and sound healing therapy. If you’re looking for complementary therapies to help you feel better, let Therapeutic Medical Massage help. Medical massage near me? Contact us today.