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Different forms of stress relief manifest themselves in different ways in different people. One of the more common ways people choose to relax is through massage. Some massage types work to relax you during the session. However, after the session, you may find that relaxation doesn’t carry through into your personal life. That’s where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness and massage work together to keep you relaxed in the present as well as in the future to lessen anything in the future that may distract you.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a specific technique designed to help people stay in the moment. This is especially helpful during tense or stressful situations. Over the years, mindfulness has been adapted into many different things, such as mindfulness over what you’re consuming to mindfulness of what you say in different forums. Overall, it requires you to stay present in the moment while taking in everything around you.

Mindfulness started as a Buddhist teaching. Since then, many different practices and schools of thought have adapted different principles of mindfulness. Mindfulness works to decrease stress, anxiety and depression, and many other afflictions. Through mindfulness and massage, you work to re-connect with yourself while trying to stay in the present when it comes to any problems you face in life.

How Does It Work With Massage?

Regardless of the type of massage you receive from Aruna, you can apply mindfulness techniques during the session. Mindfulness works differently from person to person. It’s just one of the ways everyone is unique. During your pre-massage conversation with Aruna, you may discuss things that have been on your mind since the last time you met. Or, you may discuss things that currently weigh heavily on your mind if it’s your first appointment. Either way, letting Aruna know of this makes it easier to practice mindfulness during your massage.

During your massage, you’ll want to take note of any thoughts that enter your mind. Those thoughts may range from registering Aruna’s touch to a worrisome thought. Make a small note of each thought then let it pass. If it’s something that needs revisited, file it away for later. Remember, mindfulness is all about staying in the present.

How Can It Work Outside of Massage?

Mindfulness isn’t just for massage. In fact, you can adapt different types of mindfulness for what you need in your life. If you regularly feel stress while working, take a few moments to take a step back and focus on your breathing. Even by focusing on the breath, you can re-gear your mind to where it needs to be at the moment while also reducing stress and anxiety, which is one of the main goals of mindfulness overall.

Mindfulness and massage go hand-in-hand. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna will work with you to help increase mindfulness in your daily life to make it more meaningful. Through various coaching techniques, you’ll have different methods of practicing mindfulness as you go about your day. To schedule a massage appointment, contact Therapeutic Medical Massage now.