Scar Release Therapy

Do you have a noticeable scar that you wish you couldn’t see? For years, you didn’t have many options when it came to reducing the appearance. However, now you have an option that combines massage and scar reduction. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer scar release therapy. This special type of therapy works to release scar tissue that formed, which results in increased motion and other benefits to help you move better.

What is Scar Release Therapy

Scar release therapy is a specific type of massage that works to decrease the buildup of scar tissue while also reducing the appearance of scars on your body. It works on scars from a variety of causes, so it provides the most relief for the majority of people.

Overall, the therapy doesn’t cause much pain during or after the session. You may feel a little uncomfortable from the tugging done on the scar following your appointment. However, that feeling goes away within the next couple of days following the therapy.

Many people experience relief after their first session. Some people continue to have sessions while some feel satisfied after one session. However, some also find they need additionally types of therapies or massage to re-train their body on working properly after suffering with the pain from scar tissue buildup.

How Does It Help

Since scar tissue builds up over time, some people may need therapy to break it up. Scar tissue hardens over time, which is when it begins to impact movement. Once we work to break up the scar tissue in your body, you experience less pain.

Additionally, scar release therapy improves flexibility. As the scar tissue breaks down, it makes it easier on your body to move around.

Also, your body requires oxygen in order to function properly. When you have a buildup of scar tissue, it impedes the flow of oxygen through your body. With scar release therapy, we work to reduce the amount of scar tissue in your body. With the reduction in scar tissue, it makes it easier for oxygen to move throughout your body. This gives your muscles a boost as they have access to better oxygen. Overall, it may improve your performance in many different settings.

After surgery, many people worry about the scar they’ll have. When your doctor gives the all clear, massage therapy can help in reducing the amount of scar tissue that builds up. The sooner the sessions start, the less likely scar tissue will build up. However, you don’t want to start massage therapy until your doctor says so. Otherwise, something during the massage could unintentionally deter your recovery.

Many people don’t think a scar impacts their movement ability. Instead of holding in the pain associated with scar, turn to scar release therapy. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna works with you to ease any symptoms you experience related to built up scar tissue. If you’re tired of pain related to any type of scar, contact Aruna for scar release therapy today.