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As the new school year approaches, your athlete may be looking forward to returning to playing sports. While it’s always fun to watch your child compete, do you worry about the risk of injury from playing sports? If you do, Therapeutic Medical Massage is here to help. One of the types of massage we offer is geared specifically towards athletes. We offer a pre-sports massage and post-sports massage. The sports massage for return to sports will help your athlete prepare for their upcoming match and recover once the match is over.

Pre-Sports Massage

A pre-sports massage is a massage that takes place before the athletic event. In a pre-sports massage, Aruna will use quick, invigorating strokes. This helps the muscle engage and get ready for the upcoming action. It also acts as an additional warm up for your child’s muscles to improve range of motion and flexibility. The more often your child has a pre-sports massage, the better range of motion and flexibility will be. She’ll also discuss your child’s goals with the goals to help them mentally and emotionally prepare for the upcoming game.

Post-Sports Massage

Conversely, a post-sports massage is performed at the conclusion of a sporting event. Instead of using quick, invigorating strokes this time, Aruna will use slow, longer strokes. Doing this helps your child’s muscles relax. It also helps stimulate the various systems in the body to flush out any waste and helps kickstart the repairing and restoring process following the event.

Applying and Using K Tape

Have you seen athletes playing with tape on different areas of their body? The tape, called kinesiology tape, or k tape, helps athletes in many different ways. It helps to reduce any discomfort your athlete may be experiencing to help them compete. K tape helps reduce pain, improve posture, and may even help improve your child’s athletic performance. Aruna uses Rock Tape, which is latex free and is wearable for seven days.

Benefits of a Sports Massage

When your child has a sports massage, it helps improve their overall athletic ability. It can also help reduce the risk of injury, especially if they have regular massages. It can also help to improve their range of motion and flexibility.

Sports Massage and Cupping Therapy

If your athlete wants to take things to the next level, cupping therapy may be a great way to do that. Cupping therapy uses specialized cups to suction skin into the cups, allowing for an increase in blood flow and circulation, which can help in recovering faster. Many athletes have turned to cupping therapy in addition to sports massage to maintain their athletic abilities.

A sports massage for return to sports will help your athlete in many different ways. From reducing the likelihood of injury from improperly warmed up muscles to helping them recover following a match, a sports massage can help in many ways. And when it’s combined with cupping therapy, your child can help maintain their peak athletic performance. Interested in a sports massage or cupping therapy? Contact Therapeutic Medical Massage today.