What is lymphatic drainage massage used for? Lymphatic drainage massage moves lymph fluids throughout the body. Lymphatic fluid is extra fluid that leaks from the body’s cells and tissues. It largely contains white blood cells, water, protein and salts. The lymphatic system works as an internal plumbing system. Similar to a water filter, the lymphatic system filters blood, fluid and disposes of waste. As you can probably imagine, if this toxic cellular waste builds up in your body, many problems ensue. It is extremely easy for the body to get congested and as a result, wastes and fluids get built up quickly. Lymphatic drainage massage is a relaxing and simple way to ensure that this does not occur in the future and remedies previous buildup.

Performing the Massage

Aruna performs this massage type with very light pressure. She’ll use her hands to carefully stretch and twist parts of the skin to move fluids collected under the skin. To start, she works from the top of the shoulders and travels down to the affected area. Additionally, the gentle touch and pressure helps ease pain.

The body undergoes a lot of tension from day to day activities and procedures. Lymphatic drainage massage lessens the pain. The applied pressure pushes the lymph fluid, which is usually toxic, to move around the body. This also stimulates the other cells around the fluid to move. Since the fluid begins to move, it awakens the immune system in the body which preps the body to protect itself. As the fluid properly drains, the previously covered cells now have room to grow and flourish.

What Lymphatic Drainage Massage Helps With

Lymphatic draining massage is very helpful for post-surgery recovery. It serves as a kickstart to the recovery process in general and allows the patient to experience relief. After a surgery, the body undergoes a few common issues. The tissue around the area affected usually swells up (edema) and it bruises which can be very painful. Moving the lymph fluid via massage takes away the swelling and reduces the chances of bruising. In addition, by draining the harmful fluid, the body decreases its own scar formation as it reduces tightness in the skin. The added circulation due to the massage also brings oxygen to the cells. This allows the cells to grow healthily and regenerate tissue.

With the gentle massage, circulation in the body also increases and allows healthy nutrients to reach every part of the body. Lymphatic draining massage promotes tissue regeneration in the parts of the body affected by the surgery. Lymphatic draining massage usually begins a week after the surgery and can continue from anywhere between one to six weeks after surgery. It helps keep patients looking and feeling their absolute best after a hard procedure!

Wondering what is lymphatic drainage massage used for? At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna has mastered the technique of lymphatic draining massage. Her goal is to reduce your pain, swelling and scar damage. You’ll be happy on the outside and your body will be happy on the inside! Contact Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage today.