What Lymphatic Massage Helps Therapeutic Medical Massage scaled

One of the most important systems in your body is the immune system. Your lymph system is part of the immune system. With your lymph system, it helps remove waste from your body. However, the system may clog from time to time, reducing the waste removed from your body. That leaves you feeling run down and sluggish. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer lymphatic massage. This massage type aids in draining the lymph system. Below, we’ll discuss what lymphatic massage helps within your body.

Background on Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic drainage massage started in the 1930s by a husband and wife team. To start, they studied the lymph system. Then, they developed a series of strokes and touches that helps in jump starting the lymph system. Through these touches and strokes, your system start cleaning waste from your body. Some of the common areas of lymphatic drainage massage include the face, arm, neck, and shoulders. However, certain other spots on the body may also be focus points. If you notice swelling that doesn’t go down, you may need a lymphatic drainage massage to help.

Post-Cosmetic Surgery

With the rise in cosmetic and plastic surgery in the last few years, many people turned to lymphatic massage to aid in relief. Lymphatic massage decreases swelling. A common post-operative side effect is swelling. Help reduce the swelling after surgery with a lymphatic massage. Many common procedures that lymphatic massage helps with is breast implants, liposuction, facial surgeries, and tummy tucks. Typically, doctors recommend a lymphatic massage 10 days after your surgery. Talk with your doctor before scheduling a lymphatic drainage massage in case they have other instructions you need to follow.

Mastectomy Relief

Sometimes, need plastic surgery as a medical necessity. That includes breast cancer patients who opt for a mastectomy. Following reconstructive surgery, your body has a lot to deal with. Because of the location of breasts, a build up of toxins from your lymph system tends to stay in your body. You don’t need that on top of everything else. Turn to a lymphatic massage to prevent a buildup of waste.

Following Orthopedic Surgery

Lymphatic massage doesn’t just benefit cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. It also benefits patients who underwent non-elective surgeries. For many types of surgeries, swelling is one of the common side effects. That swelling may come from a clogged lymph system. When your doctor recommends it, turn to a lymphatic drainage massage. Overall, the massage helps to drain any clogs from your lymph system. This helps to reduce swelling. Additionally, this massage may decrease the likelihood of scarring. Because of the strokes and touches, your body moves things around easier.

Different types of massage work in different scenarios. For lymphatic massage, it helps in draining a clogged lymph system. Overall, a lymphatic massage may help in immune functions overall. If you think you need a lymphatic massage, we recommend talking with a doctor first. Once you have clearance from a doctor, contact Therapeutic Medical Massage to start lymphatic massage.