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Are you thinking about having a massage from Therapeutic Medical Massage? Aruna specializes in many massage types, including medical massages and relaxation massages. Massage can help with pain relief, headache relief, and serve as a stress reliever as well. Wondering what to expect during a medical massage? Below, you’ll find a breakdown of what to expect before your massage, during your massage, and after your massage.

Before Your Massage Appointment

When you schedule your massage appointment, you’ll want to access the medical massage intake form. This may be emailed to you, but you can also find it in the resources section of the website. Download the form and fill it out honestly. If you’re unable to print the form, make sure you take a look at it and write down the information so you can fill out the forms once you get to the office. You’ll want to arrive a few minutes early to your appointment in case there’s any extra information you need to fill out before your massage.

During Your Massage Appointment

Before starting your massage, Aruna will look over your intake form and ask you any questions about anything you answered, especially if you’ve had injuries, surgeries, or massages before. It’s important to tell the truth about your medical history, as Aruna will use that information to determine the type of massage you’ll have and what areas of your body she’ll focus on.

Once it’s time to start your massage, Aruna will step out of the room so you can undress and get on the massage table. The table is heated so you’ll be comfortable during your appointment. Throughout your appointment, you’ll hear classical music and sounds of nature to help you relax. Also, to start the massage, you’ll have a mini sound healing therapy session. Aruna always starts each massage with a mini sound healing session as it helps to calm your nervous system down.

During your massage, Aruna will move different parts of your body around. While you may feel like you’re helping her by moving in the direction you think it should go, it’s best to let Aruna handle all the movements. All you need to do is relax during your session! However, if Aruna does something that feels uncomfortable to you, such as applying too much pressure in a certain area, you’ll want to let her know. She’ll make any adjustments necessary based on what you tell her.

After Your Massage Appointment

Following your massage, Aruna will leave the room so you can get dressed. Additionally, you can lay on the massage table for as long as you’d like. Once you’re dressed, you’re good to go. For the rest of the day and the next day, you’ll want to drink plenty of water, especially if you feel a little sore following your massage. Feeling sore is normal, but feeling pain isn’t normal.

If you’ve been wondering what to expect during a medical massage to the point where it’s held you back from getting a massage to feel better, now is the time to schedule your appointment. Whether you want a relaxation massage to help you relax and decrease your stress and anxiety or a medical massage to help reduce pain, Aruna is here to help. Ready to have a medical massage? Schedule your appointment today.