Why Get a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapeutic Medical Massage

The lymphatic system within our body maintains fluid levels by removing excess fluid leaking out of our blood vessels. However, medical surgeries and cosmetic procedures on the lymph, or buildup within the lymphatic system, causes large amounts of swelling, bruising, and can back up cellular waste. A lymphatic drainage massage relieves these issues by releasing the drainage from the body.

Benefits of Drainage Massage

To properly drain the excess fluid, the therapist uses a variety of light strokes, careful hand placement, and calculated direction of strokes. By using these methods, they reduce swelling, bruising, cellular waste, and anxiety. Additionally, the massage eases the pain and swelling, lowers blood pressure, and stimulates the waste system. By eliminating these issues with a massage, you save money, gain quick relief, and improve your health.

Who Benefits?

Manual lymphatic surgery helps individuals’ post-plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery by increasing recovery rate and decreasing scar formation after the procedures. Surgeries including liposuction, tummy tucks, or breast augmentation benefit greatly from this massage. Furthermore, plastic surgeons recommend undergoing the surgery 10 days after the procedure for at least once a week. Those suffering with buildup within their lymphatic system also receive great relief from manual drainage massages.

Some fear that lymphatic drainage inflicts more harm than help, however this is untrue. With light strokes and careful hand placement, the massage can work miracles for those in pain. If you are looking to have a manual lymphatic drainage massage or want more information, check out Therapeutic Medical Massage today!