Do you find that after sitting at a desk all day your posture and alignment is off? Many people experience this issue. You may think there’s nothing that can be done about posture in the office. However, there is a type of massage that can help ease the discomfort that stems from sitting all day. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer chair massages. Whether you come to Aruna or Aruna comes to you, a chair massage to reverse the effects of sitting hunched over a computer goes a long way.

What is a Chair Massage?

A chair massage is a massage that’s performed in a chair. Because you sit in a chair all day at work, your shoulder and neck muscles are incredibly tight. With a chair massage, the shoulder and neck muscles are worked out to loosen them. This leads to a relaxed feeling for the person getting the massage. This gives the person and their muscles the chance to finally relax after hours of hard work.

Are There Additional Benefits?

Just like a regular massage, there are typically other benefits associated with a chair massage. Firstly, if the idea of a massage is intimidating or daunting, the chair massage is a great introduction to massage. Because people remain clothed, it’s a great way to ease in to getting massages. Secondly, chair massages allow for increased oxygen in the muscles. This aids in increasing workplace productivity. That’s what makes the chair massage great for busy professionals. Additionally, massage schools don’t focus on chair massages as much as other types of massages. By finding a chair massage therapist, you know they have additional schooling to perform this type of massage.

Does it Have to Take Place in the Mason Office?

A chair massage can be performed anywhere as long as the massage chair is available. So that means a chair massage can be done in the Mason, Ohio, office or wherever your office is located in the Greater Cincinnati area. So, whether you want an individual chair massage in the Therapeutic Medical Massage office or your company’s office, arrangements can be made.

How Often are Chair Massage Events?

If you’re looking for a chair massage event at your office, they can be scheduled whenever it suits your schedule. If you have many hardworking employees, you may want to schedule an event on a more frequent basis. Or, if it’s too hard to pin down a date once a month, quarterly dates may also be scheduled. Aruna will work with you to find the right schedule to keep your employees happy during the workday.

Eliminate the pains related to sitting in the workplace. With a chair massage in our Mason office or a scheduled event where Aruna comes to you, your posture will improve over time. If you’re looking for a quick solution to posture and alignment issues, a massage from Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage can help. Give the office a call to schedule your appointment and be prepared to talk things over with Aruna at the beginning of each session.