Many people think that massages are just for relaxation. However, there are many types of medical massages. For example, there are massages for pain relief. There are also massages for relaxation, sports, or pregnancy. With so many different massage types, it is hard to know which massage is the best for you. One of the greatest ways to help with choosing your medical massage is to learn about the many types.

The following are some of the main types of massages that we offer:

Massages for Pain Control

Here at Therapeutic Medical Massage, our massage specialist utilizes targeted medical massage techniques including SRT, PNMT, TMJ and deep tissue massage. These massages have been clinically shown to reduce pain and promote healing from complications of many disease conditions.

Spinal reflex therapy (SRT) is a procedure that addresses nerve, muscle, and skeletal pain. TMJ is a massage around the jaw muscles that helps improve the range of motion of joints so that you can bite through your favorite foods. This massage also reduces stress on the jaw muscles. Lastly, it relieves chronic or acute pain around jaw muscles, and pain from headaches caused by the jaw muscles.

Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage is a whole-body hands-on treatment that uses kneading, long relaxing strokes, and tapping to help you relax.  Aruna brings the ancient techniques to Ohio with a variety of massage for relaxation options, including bamboo fusion massage, heated stone therapy, aromatherapy, and the better-known Swedish massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Using various techniques specifically for the new mother, the pregnancy massage helps reduce discomforts experienced throughout pregnancy such as pain in the lower back muscles, pelvis or hips from postural and functional changes.

Chair Massage

Receiving a chair massage relaxes the tight, shortened muscles by bringing oxygen back into those muscles and promoting a sense of well-being. In turn, this makes people more productive at work. It also increases the flow of energy and reduces problems like carpal tunnel.

Ashiatsu-Barefoot Massage

Ashiatsu-barefoot massage is an adaptation of an Asian massage treatment called “Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy”. “Ashi” means feet and “Atsu” means pressure. The therapist cleanses their feet before starting the session. It is a massage performed smoothly with the therapist’s feet as overhead parallel wooden bars provide balance as they work.

Overall, there are many types of massages that one can receive. Investing in a medical massage is an excellent way to reduce the amount of stress that you have in your everyday life, and it also helps reduce everyday aches and pains. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, there are many different types of medical massage that can help you feel better. Whether you’re looking for ways to relax, reduce pain, or improve your posture, medical massage can help. Interested in medical massage? Call the office to schedule your appointment.