Cupping therapy is an ancient, and super effective, form of massage therapy. Suction cups are used on tense areas of the body in order to release the pain. Even with this being a famous form of therapy, you may not be aware of the effects. Read on to find out why cupping therapy is so effective!

How It Works

The main difference between cupping and regular massage therapy is decompression vs. compression. Regular massage therapy uses lotions and oils combined with stroking, kneading, rubbing, and tapping. All of these amazing techniques compress the tissue and help to release aches and pains. Instead of compressing the muscles and tissues, cupping works to decompress soft tissues with the pulling action of the cups. Cupping massage is for any aches and pains ranging from generic pain relief to sprains, injuries, and inflammation. Overall, cupping massage is a faster relief method than regular massage therapy.

Wide Range of Benefits

It may be surprising; however, cupping aids in many areas of wellness– not just pain relief. One of the most notable benefits of suction cup massage is the increase in circulation. When the cups are placed on the body (most commonly at the point of injury), this increases blood flow and overall circulation throughout the body. This is excellent for the body in that it motivates cell repair, reduces tension, increases mobility and range of motion. Increased circulation also encourages the body to flush out any toxins.

Another amazing benefit to cupping therapy is the reduced feelings of anxiety and depression. The movement of the cups on our skins triggers our PNS (parasympathetic nervous system). The PNS reduces our bodies’ breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. When all of these factors are lowered, our bodies enter a deep state of relaxation– resulting in reduced symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Other outstanding benefits from cupping therapy are that it can help clear blockages, heal scars, reduce stretch marks, aid in digestion, and much more!

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