Cupping therapy is an ancient form of massage therapy designed to relieve pain. Suction cups are used for any aches and pains ranging from generic pain relief to sprains, injuries, and inflammation. Overall, cupping massage is a faster relief method than regular massage therapy.

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

Suction cups are placed strategically on the skin to improve circulation and increase overall blood flow. The main difference between cupping therapy and relaxation or medical massage therapy is decompression vs. compression. In relaxation and medical massages, we see therapists press their hands into the skin to compress muscles and tissues. With suction cup therapy, the strategy is rather different. Focusing on decompressing the tissue, by creating negative pressure, this works to significantly reduce pain. The pain relief is a result of the lowering of your blood pressure paired with an increase in your body’s circulation.

While cupping massage therapy does an excellent job at reducing pain, it also has a variety of other significant benefits! Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Increase in mental health,
  • Reduced toxins in the body,
  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety,
  • Reduced symptoms of depression,
  • Reduced scarring,
  • Improved digestion,
  • And more!

Let Us Help You!

Suction cup therapy can also help with other conditions (other than muscle or tissue pain) such as chronic migraines or headaches, reducing cellulite, increasing flexibility, improving range of motion, and so much more. Overall, suction cup therapy is a fantastic way to take care of your body both physically and mentally. If this sounds like a service that would improve your life, contact Therapeutic Medical Massage today to schedule your first appointment!