Do you experience pain on a regular basis? It’s an uncomfortable part of life but is something that people deal with. If you’re looking to eliminate pain in your day-to-day life, massage can help. Many of our services offered are great at eliminating pain. Eliminating pain with massage can help you get back to your normal life. If you want to eliminate pain with massage, Therapeutic Medical Massage is here to help with our variety of pain relief massages we offer. We’ll go over two types of massage that can help with pain relief and some of the ailments pain relief massages treat.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is one of the more popular pain relief massage types available. With a deep tissue massage, it works to ease pain you feel by using firmer touches compared to a Swedish massage. It can be done if you experience general pain or if you have a specific reason for needing a massage, like a chronic condition that causes pain in your life.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A lymphatic drainage massage helps your body jumpstart a sluggish lymphatic system. If you’ve recently had surgery, especially liposuction, you can benefit from a lymphatic massage. This massage uses light touches to stimulate your lymphatic system, which helps in removing waste and toxins from your body. It helps to increase circulation, which can help in reducing inflammation and pain following surgery. You’ll want to wait until you have clearance from your doctor before having a lymphatic drainage massage. Once you have the clearance, it’s an excellent complementary therapy.

Reducing Muscle Soreness

Do you have persistent muscle soreness? Whether you’re sore from participating in sports or from chronic condition, muscle soreness can change your day-to-day life in ways you weren’t anticipating. When you have a pain relief massage, it helps to increase your range of motion and increase your flexibility. It can help in cutting down the muscle soreness in the future.

Better Injury Recovery

Similar to reducing muscle soreness, a pain relief massage can help give you better injury recovery. A pain relief massage can help in cutting down on inflammation in your body. When you have less inflammation, you feel better and can get back to normal activity faster. Pain relief massages also increase your body’s circulation, which helps in making you feel better.

Lower Blood Pressure

Finally, a pain relief massage can help in lowering blood pressure. When you get a massage, whether it’s a pain relief massage or a relaxation massage, different pathways in the body open up. Those different pathways help in improving your circulation, which means you have better blood flow. With an increase in blood flow, you can lower your blood pressure.

Eliminating pain with massage can happen for you at Therapeutic Medical Massage. We offer many different types of massage designed to help you heal, treat specific ailments, or help you relax. If you’re looking to eliminate pain with massage, we are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your massage appointment.