Transform your life with a custom made sound healing meditation recording. Let Aruna help you find your inner peace, reduce stress & anxiety… with a custom sound healing music recording!








No Worries. We have a 7 day money back guarantee

Promote Your Own Wellness

Sound healing meditation recording is a proven and powerful way to promote your own wellness whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual. A customized sound healing meditation recording is a an original music recording that is created with a specific area of healing, transformation or improvement that you have in mind for your life

Impact Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

You and I will have a 1 on 1 conversation to discuss and assess what type of custom sound healing recording we can create for you based on your current needs. You choose mind, body, or spirit. I have created sound healing recording for each of these areas. Then I will create an original sound healing meditation recording to assist you with that key area within your life!

Choose The Area of Your Life To Transform

I want what is best for you in your life. This Is why I will work with you to create your own custom sound healing meditation recording that will assist you in that aspect of your life you wish to see transformation in the most. This is all about what is most important to you and working together to use music as a means of making your life better!

Change Only Occurs With Movement

Allow me to work with you to bring more happiness and fulfillment to your life through music. Whether you seek healing, relaxation, energy, more positive energy, the ability to focus, my custom sound healing recording can help you along your way to a better life!

What Others Have To Say

Aruna Has a Gift! I Felt So Calm & Woke Up So Fresh! I Can Just Feel The Warmness Take Over and Soak Into My Body”


Peaceful. Aruna’s sound Healing Meditation recordings bring an inner peace and relaxation in otherwise stressed filled world. It’s not just hearing the sound but you can feel the sound through your body. Her sounds bring quiet beautiful images that allow to turn your day off and go into a peaceful sleep. Thank you Aruna for creating this recording for me. It works!


Aruna , you have a gift !! The calmest of the ocean waves sounds makes my soul so peaceful. Thanks for sharing ~~ LY, Cincinnati

It felt very relaxing (deep breaths). When sounds started it reminded me of temples, it was very nice. Once it ended, felt very calm and needed a nap. After 30-40 minutes of nap, woke up fresh

MR. Cincinnati

“Aruna’s Sound Healing Has Helped Me So Many Times.” “Aruna’s Sound Healing Meditation Recordings Bring An Inner Peace And Relaxation In An Otherwise Stressed Filled World.”


Aruna’s sound healing meditation has been helpful to me so many times during the pretty crazy world in which we are all living. Specifically, it has helped me move past the anger issues I had with previous long-time coworkers after losing my job of 27 years.

It reminded me that I know how to slow down a bit and think things through when posed with difficult questions and situations from and with all different people, from old to young but especially abrasive/argumentative individuals.

It reinforced that I do like who I am and so do others and that I can continue to play a positive part in changing my surroundings for the better, even when it might seem impossible. I feel peaceful and happy again, and I thank Aruna for all she has done and taught me. Peace of mind and confidence really have no price tag but still are worth millions!


Thank you Aruna!

Your healing session I have listened to while laying in bed. I can just feel the calmness take over and soak into my body. I really liked that. I didn’t even realize how much tension I’ve been holding on to! I will be listening to it again tonight.

I Will Personally Create The Perfect Custom Sound Healing Meditation Recoding Just for You!

Your Own Personlized Sound Healing… Here Is What You Get!

Includes A Professionally Created Sound Healing Meditation

A Custom Made 21 Minute Audio Recording... Just For You

Focusing On What Is Most Important To You

Includes A Ten Minute 1 to 1 Session Directly With Aruna

Speak With Aruna Firsthand To Go Over Your Wants & Needs

Final Music Recording Delivered To You Within 7 Days Or Less

Delivered Directly To You With A One-Time Lifetime Personal Use License

Listen To Your New Sound Healing Recording Anytime

And So Much More...

From: Aruna Ramamurthy

Greetings to you. I am so happy you are looking at sound healing as a way to improve your mind, body, and spirit. I am pleased to have the opportunity to speak with you personally and work with you to design a sound healing meditation music recording that is customized just for your special needs. Keep reading to find out why so many people around the world have chosen to work with me to create a sound healing meditation recording program for them!

Aruna is a top advocate and creator of customized sound healing and sound healing meditations. She has developed and designed sound healing meditations. These are customized meditation focused music recordings that help her clients around the world alleviate issues, address concerns, promote wellness, impact healing, and gain mental capabilities.

Aruna is a certified Massage Therapist and Wellness Expert, Aruna received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Madras, India. She is also had intensive training in precision neuromuscular therapy. She is certified in Nurturing the Mother in pregnancy massage. She is certified in ashiatsu-barefoot massage and bamboo-fusion massage as well. She is a myokinesthetic system & spinal reflex therapy expert, and well versed in functional movement techniques. She teaches spinal reflex therapy. She is a certified fitness trainer as well.


No Worries. The Product Comes With A

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back. I have worked with people from around the world to create them custom sound healing recordings. These recording have helped them in so many ways. Just like them, I want you to be happy. This is why I offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


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