How does a medical massage work? A medical massage may seem complicated but really, it can be boiled down to just two simple steps. Medical massages are simple. Pursuing treatment for your pain can be hard. Medical massages are a great choice of treatment that will not be tough. They are designed to relieve your pain in the most relaxing way possible.

Your mental stresses show in physical parts of your body. Easing that tension and relaxing muscles make you feel your best. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna works closely with patients to see the cause of pain. Therapeutic Medical Massage finds a solution for your issues!

Identify The Problem

The first step to any medical massage is identifying the problem. The goal is to find the cause of the pain. It is personal to each patient. It is frustrating when the same issue bothers you time and time again. Aruna completely understands. As a licensed massage therapist, she knows how to find the cause of your worries. In addition, a medical massage is more than a temporary solution. The muscles in your body will relax, preventing further pain.

Proceed With Treatment

The hard part is over! The next step is relaxing and proceeding with the treatment. Aruna uses targeted therapeutic massage techniques. These techniques reduce pain and promote healing. By using intentional pressure, Aruna brings out the pain from your muscles. Therapeutic massages help to relieve pain. The pressure is more intense than a regular relaxation based massage. Communicate with Aruna during the massage. Aruna lessens or increases the pressure based on your needs.

Medical massage covers a variety of treatments. Aruna is trained in Spinal Reflex Therapy (SRT), Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT), Treating TMJ Dysfunction (TMJ) and Deep Tissue Massage. She is also trained in rehab therapy for sports injuries. Aruna also knows how to do pregnancy massage. This is a form of medical massage for pregnant women and alleviating their unique pain.

Above all, Aruna puts her patient’s needs first. Whether you are having muscle issues, stress, back pain, shin splints, neck, shoulder and jaw pain, or simply any pain in general, Therapeutic Medical Massage will help.

How does a medical massage work? At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna is here to help you feel better through specialized massage types. Contact us today to learn more!