How does bamboo fusion therapy work? At Therapeutic Medical Massage, it’s one of the different types of relaxation massages we offer. If you want to take your relaxation massage to the next level, this massage type can help. Are you looking to take your massage to the next level? A bamboo fusion massage can help. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna is one of the only certified massage therapists to provide bamboo fusion massages. So if you’re wondering how bamboo fusion therapy works, it’s best to schedule an appointment with her to see all the excellent benefits.

What is a Bamboo Fusion Massage?

A bamboo fusion massage uses bamboo sticks to help enhance your massage. The bamboo sticks can add additional pressure to sore spots on your body, helping you feel better overall. Bamboo is known for holding heat, so they may be heated. The extra heat helps in working out any tension you feel, especially in your back and on your neck. Aruna can customize this massage to specifically target any areas that feel sore or tense to help you feel better.

How Does Bamboo Enhance the Massage?

As mentioned above, the bamboo can be heated, which helps to loosen tight, tense, sore muscles. When the muscles are loosened, you’ll feel better and have less pain. In addition to loosening sore muscles, the bamboo can apply more pressure to those same areas. In that sense, a bamboo fusion massage is like the in-between of a deep tissue massage and a general relaxation massage. Aruna will apply pressure to the areas you want her to focus on, but as always, if the pressure is too much, let her know and she’ll make the adjustments.

Can It Be Combined With Other Massage Types?

Of course! Bamboo fusion massage and Ayurvedic massage can go hand-in-hand. The bamboo fusion part of the massage will help loosen your muscles and the Ayurvedic massage will help restore the doshas in your body and bring them back in line with each other. Also, bamboo fusion can be used as part of a greater massage and promote healing and relaxation.

Benefits of Using Bamboo

Bamboo is an extremely effective tool to enhance your massage. First, using bamboo during a massage can help remove toxins from your body. As the sticks move, it helps to stimulate your body’s circulation, which works to remove toxins and excess waste. Additionally, using bamboo in a massage helps improve your mental well-being, as it gives you a chance to reflect and reconnect with yourself.

Wondering how does bamboo fusion therapy work? When it’s added to your relaxation massage, it’s a great way to enhance your overall massage experience. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer a number of different massages to help you feel better overall. Whether you need a medical massage, pain relief massage, or want to relax with a relaxation massage, we have the right massage for you. Interested in a bamboo fusion massage? Contact Therapeutic Medical Massage to schedule your massage appointment today!