Are you looking to improve your overall health and wellness? Incorporating massage for wellness can help. Having regular massages can positively impact your health in a number of different ways. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna offers a number of different massage types that promote health and wellness. Additionally, there’s certain types of massages that Aruna performs that can also help with healing. Whatever your reason for needing a massage, Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage can help.

Massage for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Regardless of the massage you get, they can help with reducing stress and anxiety levels. Stress is caused by the cortisol hormone in your body. When there’s too much cortisol in your body, it means you’re stressed. As you have a massage, it helps relax your body, which means your body produces less cortisol. You can also have less anxiety by giving your body a chance to calm down and relax from the stresses of life.

Massage for Pain Relief

Are you experiencing pain? Massage can help with that. Massage helps to open up different pathways in your body, which can help improve circulation in your body, which can help you feel better. Before your session for a pain relief massage, you’ll go over where you’re experiencing pain, and Aruna will focus on that area during your massage. A pain relief massage can help reduce the chance of recurring injury in the future.

Massage to Jumpstart Your Lymphatic System

Have you recently had surgery? Following surgery, sometimes you may experience a sluggish lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from your body and gets backed up following surgery from time to time. Having a manual lymphatic drainage massage can help jumpstart your lymphatic surgery following surgery and can help you feel better. We can perform this surgery once you’ve recovered from surgery or receive approval from your doctor and physical therapist.

Massage to Promote Healing

Are you looking to heal or experience pain relief from an injury or chronic injury? At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we’re known for our cupping massages. Cupping therapy uses specialized cups that suction your skin up into the cups and creates negative pressure. This helps to improve blood circulation and can help minimize pain you feel and promote healing. This is important for people with certain conditions, like sciatica. It can also help with headaches and back and neck muscle pain. Cupping therapy can even be used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, providing an alternative to Botox injections.

Massage to Increase Comfort During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, you know it takes a toll on your body. Aruna can help increase your comfort during your pregnancy with the Nurturing the Mother massage. She is one of the only massage therapists in the Cincinnati area who performs this specialized massage type.

Incorporating massage for wellness is an easy step. If you’re looking for different ways to incorporate wellness into your life, regular massages from Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage can help. Whether you want to relax or want to reduce pain, there’s a massage type for you. Need a massage? Contact Therapeutic Medical Massage today.