Undergoing a surgery is a big event in a person’s life. Further, recovering from a surgery takes time. Recovery can be painful and feel like a long process. However, there are ways to make your surgical recovery process less painful. Many people choose to invest in lymphatic massages for their surgery recovery. The following is everything you need to know about getting a lymphatic massage for surgery recovery.

What is a Lymphatic Massage?

When the body needs help removing the toxic buildup of cellular waste, a lymphatic massage can help. A lymphatic massage uses very light pressure and careful twisting hand movements to move fluids collected under the skin. It is a very soothing technique, and clients of all ages love it.

How Does Lymphatic Massage Help Surgery Recovery?

Lymphatic massage helps activate fluid circulation and drain tissue of toxins. Lymph drainage therapy stimulates the immune system. This helps the body relax and regenerate and is great for recovering from surgery. Specifically, lymphatic massage is beneficial to individuals after they receive plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery. This massage increases a person’s recovery rate after surgery and decreases scar formation. Individuals with whiplash or who have been in auto accidents can also benefit from this massage if they receive it on the day of the injury. The massage decreases the inflammation and therefore decreases the pain of whiplash and increases their rate of recovery. Manual lymph drainage can also be applied to acute sports-related sprains and strains. Lastly, manual lymphatic massage after a plastic surgery procedure offers benefits like reducing the swelling, tightness in the surgical area, increasing circulation, diminishing bruising and improving the scar healing significantly.

Where Can I Get a Lymphatic Massage?

Some patients are confused, do not understand why they need a massage and are afraid of receiving a massage after the surgery with the idea that it might hurt. What they may not know is how the lymphatic massage with a light touch can reduce the swelling (edema), bruising, lymphatic congestion, and lower blood pressure and anxiety. Aruna from Therapeutic Medical Massage specializes in lymphatic massage for surgery recovery. Aruna utilizes targeted therapeutic medical massage techniques that have been clinically shown to significantly reduce pain and promote healing from several complications of many disease conditions. A quality massage can also help you achieve inner balance and relaxation.

Getting a lymphatic massage is a great way to help your body recover quickly and with less pain after having surgery. Investing in a medical massage is also an excellent way to reduce the amount of stress that you have in your everyday life, and it even helps reduce everyday aches and pains. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, there are many different types of medical massage that can help you feel better. Whether you’re looking for ways to relax, reduce pain, or improve your posture, medical massage can help. Interested in medical massage? Call the office to schedule your appointment.