If you’ve recently had any type of surgery, you may be looking for additional ways to feel better during recovery. Of course, following all post-op orders from your doctor is the quickest way to heal properly. But, through doctor approval, massage may also play a part in your recovery. In fact, many turn to massage after surgery to further alleviate any post-op pain they feel. Below, we’ll go through some of the perks of doctor-approved massage after surgery.

Decreases Swelling

Many people report swelling after surgery. In fact, swelling is one of the more common side effects of surgery. Depending on when your doctor allows you to receive a massage after surgery, you can decrease the likelihood of swelling. During a massage, your massage therapist rubs and strokes different areas of your body. Through those strokes, blood flow increases. An increased blood flow helps rid your body of anything that shouldn’t be in there. Lymphatic massages help many people reduce their swelling after surgery.

Improve Movement and Flexibility

Depending on the type of surgery, movement and flexibility may be limited after surgery. For some, that might not be a big deal. For others, especially athletes, they’ll want that movement and flexibility back as soon as possible. Either way, getting movement back to where it was before surgery is crucial to the healing process. Massage after surgery achieves those results.

Reduces Post-Operative Pain

Overall, you may feel pain after surgery. Depending on the type of surgery and your pain tolerance, feelings of pain after surgery vary. If you have a lot of pain after surgery and want to limit your opioid intake, your doctor may approve massage. Massage activates airways and increases blood flow. Through those, you begin to feel better and experience less pain. Additionally, during your massage, you have the option of including essential oils. The essentials oils may not help with pain, but they may help you relax more overall. After all, relaxation is a key component in a successful recovery.

Prevent Scar Tissue Buildup

Many people worry about scar tissue development after surgery. Scar tissue is a thick tissue that overtakes healthy tissue as a result of an injury. Unfortunately, scar tissue is a common result of surgery. Symptoms of scar tissue includes swelling, redness, and itchiness.

With a massage after surgery, you help reduce the amount of scar tissue build up. During a massage, the surgical site is rubbed and smoothed. Those motions increase blood flow to the affected area. It allows important nutrients to make their way to the surgical site. Increased blood flow and better nutrients help prevent the development of scar tissue.

Through massage after surgery, you may speed up the recovery process. However, you don’t want to rush the recovery. Otherwise, you may cause further injury. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we work alongside you to return to life before your surgery and know that massage helps. If you’ve recently had surgery and received doctor approval, let us help. Contact the office to schedule your appointment now.