Do you have eczema? October is Eczema Awareness Month. For some people with eczema, the flare ups happen when they’re stressed. According to the National Eczema Foundation, massage for eczema relief can be an effective complementary therapy. If you’re looking for eczema relief, an Ayurveda massage or Swedish massage can help you relax, reduce your stress, and reduce the number of flare ups you have. As a licensed massage therapist, Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage is here to help with massage for eczema relief.

How Massages Reduce Stress

Massages are effective at reducing stress. As Aruna strokes your skin, it induces a healing response in your body, which is proven to reduce stress levels. It can also help to reduce anxious feelings. When you have less stress in your life, it can help rein in eczema from flaring up on your body.

In addition to reducing stress, massages are also effective at increasing the circulation in your body. With the increase in circulation, it helps lesions on the skin and the cracks on your skin heal faster and reduce the appearance of flare ups.

Swedish Massage

When people tend to think of relaxation massages, they think of Swedish massages. If you’re looking for a massage that helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which can ultimately help in reducing eczema flare ups and appearance on your skin, a Swedish massage can help. It’s one of the most popular relaxation massages for those reasons. Because it helps to increase circulation and reduce stress, it’s a go to massage for people with eczema. In addition to lowering stress, it can help with flexibility, lower blood pressure, and ultimately decrease any pain or aches associated with eczema.

Ayurveda Massage

An Ayurveda massage is a healing massage that comes from India. It uses diet, herbs, aromatherapy, color and sound therapy, lifestyle adjustment and massage to kick off a healing pattern within your body. This massage type helps identify any imbalances in the doshas in your body and works to reset them through natural treatments and massage. The type of oils used to treat the imbalances depend on your reason for needing the massage in the first place and will be chosen based on your pre-massage questionnaire.

Other Beneficial Massage Types

Some of the other massage types offered at Therapeutic Medical Massage can help with eczema relief. A warm stone massage can help with increasing your circulation and decrease your stress levels, which can help control some of your eczema flare ups. You may also benefit from a cupping massage, which suctions the skin into the cup. It helps to increase circulation, which can help improve the appearance of your skin during a flare up.

Massage for eczema relief is a possibility. Whether you choose a Swedish massage or an Ayurveda massage, Aruna can help try reduce a flare up. Because both of those massage types work to reduce stress, they can also help reduce flare ups. If you’re looking for complementary therapies for eczema relief, Therapeutic Medical Massage is here to help. Schedule an appointment today.