Are you looking to promote better self-care in 2022? Having regular medical massages can be a great way to help take care of yourself. Whether you want a medical massage to stop feeling pain, to improve your flexibility and range of motion, or to jumpstart your lymphatic system to feel less sluggish, medical massage can help. Medical massage as self-care is simple when you call Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage.


Spinal reflex therapy helps address pain related to the most prevalent cause of nerve, muscle, skeletal pain, and dysfunction. This type of pain relief massage dramatically reduces the pain you feel and will help you feel better the more often you have the massage. It helps reduce pain, restore balance, increase range of motion, and decrease stress.


Do you need a pain relief massage tailored to your needs? A precision neuromuscular therapy massage can help. During this massage type, you’ll spend time before your massage going over the pain you currently experience. Based on the information you tell Aruna, she’ll develop a massage therapy to help you feel better and have less pain.


Are you experiencing jaw pain? TMJ, a specific version of PNMT, can help you feel better and live life normally. With a TMJ pain relief massage, Aruna will massage the jaw and areas around the jaw to minimize any tension you’re experiencing. As the muscles around the jaw relax with the massage, you’ll notice less tension in your temples as well, helping you feel better.

Deep Tissue Massage

Are you experiencing pain and want to take your relaxation massage to the next level? A deep tissue massage can help. A deep tissue massage can help work out any sore muscles you may have stemming from chronic pain. It can help you relax if a regular relaxation massage isn’t giving you the type of relief you need.

Cupping Therapy

Do you experience chronic pain? Cupping therapy can help reduce your pain. When you turn to cupping therapy, you’ll experience pain relief in a relaxing setting. Cupping therapy uses specialized cups that suction your skin up into them through negative pressure. As your skin is suctioned into the cup, it helps improve circulation and blood flow, which decreases your pain. Cupping therapy helps with sciatica, fibromyalgia, facial wrinkles, cellulite, and more.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Have you recently had surgery? Do you feel sluggish? Lymphatic drainage massage can help. This massage uses specialized touches that stimulate the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps remove toxins and waste from your body, so when it’s backed up, you start to feel sluggish. A lymphatic drainage system can also help reduce the appearance of scars following surgery. Your doctor will let you know when you can have a lymphatic drainage massage.

Medical massage as self-care can take on a number of different forms for different people. Whether you’re interested in a lymphatic drainage massage, cupping therapy, or different types of medical massages, Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage can help. Interested in medical massages or relaxation massages? Contact Therapeutic Medical Massage today!