Are you experiencing pain? Knowing you have options for pain relief can start helping you feel better. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we believe that medical massage can help when it comes to decreasing the amount of pain from your day-to-day life. Whether you need a massage because you’re an athlete and want to improve your performance on the field or suffer from a chronic condition that causes pain, we provide medical massage types to help you feel better.

Cupping Therapy

Are you looking for pain relief from a variety of chronic pain issues? Cupping therapy can help. Cupping uses specialized cups that suction your skin up into the cups. As your skin is suctioned into the cups, it helps to increase blood flow and circulation, which helps to relieve pain and remove waste from your body.

Sports and Rehab Massage

Are you an athlete looking to maintain your peak performance? Partaking in a pre-sports massage and a post-sports massage before and after an event can help. Both of the massages use different techniques to engage your muscles before the event and calm them down after the event. When combining these with the regular warm ups and stretches, it can help improve range of motion and flexibility. And, with the post-sports massage, it helps reduce the lactic acid in your muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Have you recently had surgery? A lymphatic drainage massage can help with your recovery. Once it’s been approved by your doctor, you can have a lymphatic drainage massage following your surgery in conjunction with other orders from your doctor. This massage type works to kickstart your lymphatic system, which helps remove toxins and waste from your body. Typically, following surgery, your immune system and lymphatic system may be a little sluggish, so this medical massage type helps your lymphatic system get to work again.

Oncology Massage

For people who have been diagnosed with cancer, it is a lifechanging diagnosis. Receiving the diagnosis may result in a disconnect from your inner spirit. With an oncology massage, Aruna will give you small touches to help you reconnect with your inner spirit and give you a chance to focus on other things besides your diagnosis.


SRT and PNMT help provide temporary relief from pain that you’re experiencing, especially if it stems from a specific condition. These medical massage types target pain coming from a specific area on your body and uses touches and strokes to help you feel better. Make sure you’re open with Aruna when she asks what type of pain you’re experiencing to help give you pain relief.

The different medical massage types are designed to help you feel better from what is causing you pain. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna will take some time before your massage to talk about the pain you’re experiencing in order to give you the best massage to help you feel better. Aruna is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Ohio and enjoys getting to know her massage clients and helping them feel better. If you’re in need a medical massage, contact the office to start feeling relief.