Many people think all massages are the same. In reality, different types of massages target different areas. Not all massages are created equal. Also, the type of massage you’d get from a spa or massage center isn’t the same type of massage you’d get from a medical massage practitioner. While both medical massage and spa massage contain the word massage, that’s typically where the similarities end. By learning the difference between medical massage and a spa massage, you’ll be more prepared for any appointments you have for either kind of massage.

What Is Medical Massage?

If you have a certain injury or recurring health problem, you may seek out more targeted therapy to find solutions and relief. With medical massage, your practitioner will use a more personalized approach to find out what the cause of your injury is. This means you’ll have more face-to-face interaction at the start of the appointment to go over what the problem is. Be honest and upfront about your symptoms, as it will help your practitioner in designing your treatment plan for the day.

What Is Spa Massage?

On the other hand, a massage from a spa or wellness center is designed to help you feel better overall while not necessarily focusing on a specific area on your body or an ailment. These kinds of massage are more so designed to relieve stress and tension that aid in treating or healing overworked muscles. Different techniques may be used and some may be combined to help in your relaxation. If your goal is relaxation, a massage from a spa or a wellness center is your best bet for getting a massage.

Similarities Between Them

The biggest similarity between a medical massage and a spa massage is that both provide you with a massage. Both also work to provide you with specific results, though those results are different. With a spa massage, the ultimate end goal is that you feel relaxed. Whereas the point of a medical massage is to feel pain relief from a medical issue. Both types of massage also have different techniques and different types of massages to achieve maximum relaxation or pain relief.

The Major Differences

A medical massage is target-based. You will most likely keep getting medical massages until you feel completely better. However, with a spa massage, you may view it as a “special treat” that you get sporadically. Additionally, with a medical massage, you will receive additional instructions on what to do on your own time because you developed a treatment plan with the practitioner. Those additional instructions will help you in feeling better faster and it’s important to follow them to avoid further injury.

A medical massage and a spa massage are two different categories of massages. By knowing the differences, you will better articulate to your massage therapist the problems you have and the solutions to fix those problems. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna will help with your medical ailment and provide solutions that work. Call now to set up your appointment.