What is the mind body connection? The mind and body are usually regarded as two different aspects of health. However, studies have shown that physical health and emotional health are more closely related than previously thought. Problems with the body affect problems with the mind. Think about when you feel sick. It may be because you feel anxious. The anxiety stems from the mind, but the body reacts. Understanding the mind-body connection is important to achieving the ideal health.

Mental Stress and the Body

Stress manifests in many different forms. When you are mentally stressed and overwhelmed, your body tightens. After this tightening occurs, the muscles constrict. When the muscles constrict, oxygen is unable to reach the muscle. This causes the muscle to be in pain and reach a point of fatigue. The body will feel tense and this will prolong the stress. Pain and discomfort will add to the stress that was already present.

Relaxing the Body

Physically relaxing the body will help clear the mind of stress. Once the muscles and body loosen up, there will be peace to the mind. Even though the stress may still be present, the lack of body pain will ease the mind. A great way to relax the body is through a medical massage. Medical massages are very intentional with the pressure applied. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna will work closely with you to figure out exactly where the pain is. To go further in-depth to what exactly a medical massage is, click here.

Massage Therapy to Aid Mind Body Connection

It is important to use the mind body connection to your health’s advantage. Massage therapy works to alleviate pain through pressing and manipulating the body. This strongly establishes the mind body connection. By spending time relaxing the body, the mind will also relax. The benefits of using this connection are vast and impressive. You can expect an hour-long session where all you have to do is lie down. Communicate with the massage therapist and tell them where the pain is present. They will take care of the rest! It is an easy solution with minimal effort from your end.

Improve your health through these types of massages:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Bamboo fusion massage
  • Warm stone therapy
  • Swedish message
  • Pressure message
  • Precision neuromuscular therapy

At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna is highly skilled at identifying sources of stress. She uses her knowledge to find the problem. With years of experience, she is skillful at reducing stress. If you have a headache, soreness, stiffness, back pain, stress, or mental health worries, Aruna can help alleviate your symptoms. Contact us today!