When you want to feel better, you’ll turn to anything to help you feel better. If you’re tired of taking pain medication to mask your pain, you may want to turn to other kinds of therapies. One of those therapies is massage. Alternatively, if you’re looking for new ways to relax, massage can help as well. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna specializes in both relaxation massages and medical massages. If your current pain management treatments and relaxation techniques aren’t working for you, turn to natural therapies like massage to help you feel better.

Relaxation Massage

Many people have a hard time relaxing after stressful events in their lives. Incorporating massage into your self-care routine can make a better you. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna offers plenty of massages designed for relaxation.

One of the more common massage types is a Swedish massage. In addition to increased relaxation, a Swedish massage has many other health benefits. Some of the benefits of Swedish massages include a reduced stress level and pain relief.

Another massage that’s common for relaxation is a hot stone massage. Just like the name suggests, hot stones are placed on various points of the patient’s body. The purpose of the stones are to increase the chakras and meridians of the body.

Medical Massage

Medical massage is necessary if you experience pain or sports injuries. By properly exercising and stretching before a sporting event, you decrease the chances of muscle injuries. Adding massage to your pre-event and post-event routine can help with sports injuries.

If your pain stems from something else, Aruna can help. By discussing every symptom before the session starts, Aruna can better develop a treatment plan by using massage and providing at-home stretches and exercises. Aruna is a certified fitness trainer, so the exercises she provides will help in the long run.

Other Natural Therapies Offered

Depending on what you’re seeking treatment for, Aruna may be able to help. In addition to massage for relaxation and medical reasons, there are other treatment options available.

One of the more popular holistic treatments offered is aromatherapy. With aromatherapy, essential oils and herbs are used to help restore the body to a normal setting. There are two methods with aromatherapy and essentials. One method is inhalation. The other method is that essential oils are applied directly to the skin. Both methods aid in healing. The essential oils may also play a part in any of the massages you receive for maximum results.

If you’re looking for ways to return your body to its former glory, turn to the holistic, natural therapies offered at Therapeutic Medical Massage.

Whether you’re looking for new ways to relax after hectic days or as a new way to relieve pain, turn to Therapeutic Medical Massage. By offering different natural therapies, you will experience a new way to relax and relieve pain. If you’re ready to get started, call the office to schedule your appointment and get started filling out the paperwork available for download on the website.