After a work day, do you ever feel tension in between your shoulder blades from sitting hunched over all day? If you do, you probably wish you could have a massage at that very moment. However, sometimes it isn’t feasible to pay for a massage at multiple points in a week. That’s where mini massages come into play. These types of massages tend to be quicker than massages you’d get a massage therapist’s office, they will do the trick until you can see your massage therapist. Follow these quick massage tips to feel better in between appointments.

Easy Headache Massage

Do you often get headaches? You probably know lots of headache cures to help you feel better if that’s the case. Sometimes, a massage may help decrease your headache symptoms. For this massage, you just need your hands.

This massage is similar to the scalp massage you get when you cut your hair at a salon. To start, draw circles with your fingers at your temple. Gradually move your fingers up while continuing the circular motion. As you move closer to your scalp, increase the size of the circles and pressure you press on your face.

Easy Neck Massage

Many people experience neck pain for a variety of reasons. For most people, they experience neck pain because of how they sit during the work day. To ease that uncomfortableness, you just need your hands.

To start, press your fingers against the spot where your neck and shoulders meet. Next, apply pressure in that spot. The pressure helps relax the muscles in the area. Then, you’ll want to roll your shoulders backwards and forwards to relax them as well. Finally, repeat both steps a few times to make sure your neck muscles are completely relaxed.

Easy Shoulder Massage

Typically, if your neck hurts, there’s a chance your shoulders also hurt. If that’s the case, we have an easy shoulder massage for you that you don’t need fancy equipment to do.

First, put your right hand over your right shoulder. Squeeze the shoulder three times and roll your fingers from the shoulder to the base of your neck. Remember to do the same for your left shoulder using your left hand. Depending on how sore your shoulders are, you may need to complete the massage a couple of times.

Easy Hand Massage

Your hands also need attention, especially with constant typing and texting. To start, hold one of your hands with the other like you’re taking a pulse. Apply small amounts of pressure as you move up your hand and wrist. Pay attention to each finger and the palm of your hand for maximum relaxation. And remember once you’ve done one hand, do the same for the other hand.

These quick massage tips will help you feel better between appointments. If you’re looking for a way to help relax overall, turn to Therapeutic Medical Massage. In addition to offering massages designed to help certain ailments, we also offer relaxation massages. Contact Aruna now to schedule your appointment.