No one likes being injured. If you’re looking for ways to reduce the likelihood of injuries, receiving regular massages can help. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer a variety of massages that can help in reducing injuries. In fact, reducing injuries with massage is more common than you may think. Whether you’re an athlete who wants to stay at your peak performance or someone who is prone to injuries, massage can help reduce the number of injuries you have.

Massages Stretch Your Muscles

It’s always a good idea to get a good stretch in before and after a workout or a sporting event. One of the ways to engage your muscles is through a pre-sports massage and a post-sports massage. With a pre-sports massage, Aruna uses short, invigorating strokes to engage the muscles. This allows your muscles to engage before your event, which can lead to less injuries. Following the event, you’ll also want to undergo a post-sports massage, which uses deeper strokes to calm the muscles down and keeps them loose for the future.

Massage Reduces Your Overall Pain

Do have a chronic condition that causes you pain, like migraines or fibromyalgia? Receiving a massage can help. Cupping therapy massage has helped many people experience less pain and can help in healing. Cupping therapy uses special cups that suction your skin deeper into the cup. It starts a relaxation process in your body while also jumpstarting different processes in your body that help with healing.

Massage Helps Prevent Over Training

If you take advantage of a pre-sports massage and a post-sports massage, they can help you not over train when it comes to exercise and any athletics you take part in. Massage helps to reduce lactic acid in your body, which builds up following workouts. As the amount of lactic acid in your body decreases, you’re less likely to have unnecessary waste in your body. It also helps in keeping the muscles loose and relaxed.

Massage Can Shorten Recovery Time

Have you recently had surgery? When your doctor approves it, massage is a perfectly acceptable complementary therapy to whatever else your doctor has prescribed. Lymphatic drainage massage can help jumpstart your body’s sluggish lymphatic system following surgery. As your lymphatic system works to remove excess waste and toxins from your body, it helps to shorten your recovery time and help you feel like your normal self.

Massage Helps Improve Posture

Do you experience pain because of bad posture? Massage can help in improving posture. When you get a massage, it helps loosen up any tight muscles you may have. When your muscles are loose, you won’t hunch over as much, which helps to improve your posture. And, when you have good posture, it reduces the likelihood of injury that bad posture can cause.

Reducing injuries with massage works on a number of levels. If you’re looking to improve your performance without having to worry about injuries as much, a massage can help with that. Whether you need a pre-sports massage, post-sports massage, cupping massage, or lymphatic drainage massage, Therapeutic Medical Massage can help. Need a massage? Contact Therapeutic Medical Massage today!