Even though it is summertime, do you feel stressed? At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna has the ability to relieve stress with massage. Massage is a natural way to help your body reduce stress. While Aruna mainly performs medical massages, she also offers relaxation massages which are specifically designed to help you relieve stress. Even some of the medical massages can even help with relaxation and stress relievers. Interested in learning more? Read on to learn about the best ways to relieve stress with massage.

Swedish Massage

When people think of massage, they typically think of a Swedish massage. This is the type of massage most commonly offered in spas, but it is also one that Aruna performs. A Swedish massage uses gentle strokes and glides across your body to help you relax. Swedish massages are known to decrease cortisol, which is commonly known as the stress hormone, and ultimately helps you relax and feel more comfortable. Additionally, a Swedish massage can help you relax by increasing your body’s circulation and allowing for new blood to reach areas of your body.

Bamboo Fusion Massage

If you are looking to take your relaxation massage to the next level, a bamboo fusion massage is a great way to go. This massage uses heated bamboo to enhance your massage by providing an extra way to loosen your muscles and help you relax. Additionally, using bamboo during a massage can build a bridge between a relaxation massage and a medical massage, as the bamboo can play a useful role in a deep tissue massage.

Cupping Therapy Sessions

Similarly to the bamboo fusion massage, a session of cupping therapy can be both relaxing and help you feel better overall. Cupping therapy uses different types of cups to suction your skin and create negative pressure. Many things happen when negative pressure is created, including an increase in blood flow, a reduction of blood pressure, and you get to ultimately relax. If back pain, shoulder pain, or migraines and headaches keep you from relaxing, a cupping therapy session can help.

Sound Healing Therapy

Whether you have a medical massage or a relaxation massage, one thing remains the same: the way the session starts. When you visit Therapeutic Medical Massage for a massage, it will always start with a conversation between you and Aruna about how you currently feel. From there, as your massage starts, you’ll have a mini sound healing session. Sound healing helps re-set the chakras and frequencies in your body. Through this, you begin to feel less stressed. If you enjoyed the mini sound healing session, you can book longer sessions for yourself or for yourself and a few other people.

Enjoying the summer is hard if you are feeling stressed out. Relieve stress with massage from Therapeutic Medical Massage. Since 2008, Aruna has helped hundreds of people throughout the Greater Cincinnati area feel less stress and better overall. Looking for ways to reduce stress? Call Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage today.