Cupping Massage ….What are the benefits? Is everyone eligible to receive Cupping Massage therapy? Is that the massage that leaves a mark?  If so, how long will the mark last?  Is it painful? With Cupping Massage therapy, rather than tissue compression (that happens with regular massage) tissues are decompressed. Negative pressure is created above the surface of the tissues. The decrease in atmospheric pressure allows the tissues below to be lifted upwards which in turn increases the space for underlying structures like joints and nerves. The suction of the cups facilitates rapidly the release of rigid soft tissue by pulling it up and away from underlying structures loosening the areas of adhesion or restriction. Cupping activates the secretion of synovial fluid which in turn releases joint stiffness in ways not possible with a traditional massage.

Benefits of Cupping therapy on different systems in our body:

  1. Digestive System: low pressure on the belly with cupping stimulates the peristaltic movement and secretion of digestive fluids, thereby strengthening the digestion and absorption of Nutrients
  2. Respiratory System responds well with cupping as this therapy eases labored breathing experienced by individuals with asthma and pneumonia.
  3. Nervous System: Cupping stimulates the pull of millions of nerve endings which contributes to an increased rate of pain recovery.

Therapists with a good understanding of this cupping therapy can modify the techniques to suit the needs of their client, so cupping therapy is stimulating and nurturing or relaxing to the receiving individual without causing any discomfort. Please provide feedback to your therapist if it causes any discomfort so the therapist can modify the technique to your comfort level. The most common misinterpretation about Cupping Massage is the marks that appear as a result of cupping therapy. These discolorations are NOT BRUISES. When circulation is compromised in an injured area, insufficient oxygen gets into the cells of the body and results in a buildup of waste products. when the skin is pressed, the blanching that occurs fades in 7 to 15 days. Cells in our body utilize Oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. Our body gets rid of cell waste via the circulatory system. Sometimes carbon dioxide and cell wastes like lactic acid can get stagnated in tissues. Marks indicate that the stagnation that was below the skin is brought to the surface of the skin and can be effectively flushed out with good hydration and healthy eating choices. Following a Cupping Massage session, Hydration is the key to get rid of the waste that is built in the body.  Drinking room temperature or warm water is even better. Drinking alcohol will dehydrate the cells and slow down the healing process and waste elimination process.

Different kinds of Cupping massage therapy

Fire Cupping Massage with glass cups- 30-60 Minutes Bio Magnetic Reflexology with Cups-30 Minutes Cupping for Facial Rejuvenation- 30 Minutes Bio Magnetic Acupressure- 15-20 Minutes The stationary layout of Cups and Massage Cupping therapy 30 to 45 Minutes Body Cocoon Protocol with Aromatherapy and Facial cupping 1-hour service Cellulite Treatment with Cupping Therapy and Essential Oils 45 Minutes Facial Rejuvenation Treatment with Cupping therapy Facial cupping will not result in any marks on the face 6-12 sessions with 1-2x/week. Follow with monthly maintenance. One of my clients mentioned to me,” my Jaw muscles feel much less tight after your facial cupping massage. I want you to continue that please.” Neuromuscular therapy combined with Facial cupping is wonderful combination for anyone having TMJ issues.

Haci Magnetic Acupressure suction cups are considered Needle LESS Acupuncture.

The theory behind using magnets for pain management and injuries is because all body tissues including bone and nerve tissue respond well to magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy helps these tissues to enter the healing phase unless it is reinjured or chronically inflamed. These Magnetic cups have a magnetic flux density of 3500 gausses and these cups are used in

  • Bio Magnetic Acupressure Treatments &
  • Bio Magnetic Reflexology Treatments.

Benefits of using the Negatively charged poles in these cups:

  1. Negative magnetic field reduces inflammation
  2. Increases Alkalinity
  3. Felicitates Deep Restorative sleep
  4. Reduces Fluid Retention
  5. Increases Cellular oxygen
  6. Promotes Mental Acuity and Balance
  7. Dissolves or Reduces Fatty deposits
  8. Fights Infection
  9. Relieves withdrawal symptoms


Body Cocoon Protocol with Aromatherapy and cupping therapy

This protocol is followed if someone needs to go through Detoxification or wants to reduce/fight Cellulite on body parts.

  • Our lymphatic system (immune system) plays an integral role in the development of Cellulite.

Over the years, toxins from the environment, the food we eat, the lifestyle we follow contributes to the health of our lymphatic system. If there is an overload of toxins and our in body immune system can’t flush it out, then those toxins get deposited in and around fat cells and in the subcutaneous skin layer.

Conditions and Injuries that could benefit from Cupping Therapy

Knee Injuries, Sprains/Strains Shin Splints Hamstring tightness Shoulder injuries Achilles Tendon Injuries Low Back Muscle Spasms Forearm/Elbow issues IT Band issues Tendonitis/Arthritis/ Bursitis/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Cupping protocols are used in the following sports-related healthcare areas:

  1. To maintain and condition the athlete’s muscles so they can maintain their optimal performance
  2. Athletes such as swimmers and endurance runners come into contact with stressors such as chemicals in pools, emotional demand when the athlete is in competition, digestive issues.
  3. Recovery of muscle tissue after the sporting events.
  4. Chronic conditions

If you or someone you know might benefit from cupping therapy, please refer that individual to call 513-256-2697 to set up an appointment.