For an active teenager, the worst thing for them is a sports injury. No two sports injuries are the same, so their treatment plans shouldn’t be the same either. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we focus on assessing the sports injury and providing techniques to make the issue doesn’t recur. Aruna has worked with countless athletes in the area to get them back to their pre-injury level. With rehab and sports injury massage, Aruna aims to help athletes learn new techniques to warm up and recover after events.

Pre-Sports Massage

Any athlete knows that stretching is a crucial part of a warm-up. By taking the time to warm up the muscles, they are less likely to straining or pulling during exercise. A pre-sports massage can take that one additional step further. A pre-sports massage is done before physical activity starts. The massage consists of short, invigorating strokes to warm up the muscles more. Additionally, Aruna uses positive reinforcement to help athletes prepare for the game or meet ahead of them. With her office located right by the Mason City Schools sports complex, it’s easy for athletes to have a quick pre-sports massage.

Post-Sports Massage

Since a pre-sports massage is done before a game or match, a post-sports massage is done afterwards. Once a sports event is done, your muscles are still working on overdrive. The purpose of a post-sports massage is to help the muscles calm down while providing the athlete with the chance to relax. This type of massage features more drawn out movements. The slower movements give muscles the chance to relax while flushing out waste and stimulating the repair and restoration process.

Different Techniques

Aruna uses different massage techniques on different athletes. Each athlete is an individual, so what works for one athlete may not work for another. Additionally, different sports require different massage techniques. What works for one sport may not work for another. As long as the athletes are honest with Aruna about what they want to achieve, it should be an easy and simple process.

Kinesiology Tape

If recurring injury is a common problem, Aruna may suggest using kinesiology tape. This special kind of tape is used after massages and is designed to help your body heal and improve function. K-tape as it’s referred to by many athletes helps with a variety of problems, including pain reduction, reduced recovery time, and improvement in sports performance. Different injuries also benefit from the use of k-tape. The brand Aruna uses is latex-free, meaning it won’t trigger an allergic reaction in people, and is able to remain on the body for seven days.

Sports injuries don’t have to be the end of an athletic career. By providing sports injury massage and sports rehab, athletes will be able to return to their sport quicker and with better techniques to avoid a repeat injury. If you’re looking for a certified fitness trainer who can provide massage techniques, turn to Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage. Contact her now to get started.