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I have a lot of trouble finding a massage therapist that can give me a deep tissue massage without hurting me and I’m happy to say I’ve finally found the perfect therapist! Aruna’s massage was wonderful !!

Ron H.

Aruna’s professional demeanor is radiant. I have had many outstanding massages. But Aruna’s Medical massage is by far the best I have had.

Elizabeth S.

Aruna is very well versed in her understanding of muscular structure, Neuromuscular therapy and massage treatment is immediately effective.

Julia P.

Aruna’s interviewing skills are warm and professional. My previous experience with another therapist was relaxing but didn’t alleviate the tension, long term. This session with Aruna is a much better experience than my last experience since it is both productive and relaxing. I really felt like the knots in my muscles were worked out well.

Gina M.

Aruna is very careful and precise about what is causing the problem. She pays attention to pressure. This matters to me because her massage technique is extremely helpful in calming the pain.


Aruna is doing such a wonderful job that her massage has helped to reduce pain in my neck and head. Thank you.

Kim S.

She showed me how to self-massage my TMJ muscles to help the tense muscles ease in between my massage sessions. She made my tense muscles relax. Aruna always listens and remembers previous conversations. Her massage technique is very relaxing and my muscles feel remarkable as she has helped me a lot.


Aruna has helped the ringing in my ears. My neck is not as tight and feels much better. My lower back pain is much better. I feel very relaxed during my massage and Aruna is very good at knowing how far to go and when to stop when something is painful.


I felt wonderful and relaxed when Aruna gave me a massage when I was in my second trimester. My lower back felt much better after the massage.

Mark S.

I had been suffering from lower back pain for months. I had tried several solutions-chiropractic, acupuncture, exercise, physical therapy, etc. Nothing worked to relieve my pain. A friend suggest that I try Therapeutic massage with Aruna. WOW, what a difference! After my first visit, I got a good night’s sleep for the first time in months. I continued to work with Aruna for a number of weeks. Every visit brought a little more relief until all of my pain was gone. I have continued maintenance visits to keep things in place, but Aruna has made a major difference in my quality of life. I had resigned myself to just living with the pain until I found Aruna. What a find!!!