Are you looking to have different types of massage? Ultimately, a massage should help you relax or feel better overall. An Ayurvedic massage can help with that. But what is Ayurvedic massage? This specialized type of relaxation massage helps with healing. It’s a customized massage type that will help you relax and feel better as a whole. In addition to the pain relief and medical massages that Aruna performs at Therapeutic Medical Massage, she also specializes in the Ayurvedic massage. Interested in learning what is Ayurvedic massage? Read on to learn more.

What is Ayurvedic Massage?

Ayurvedic massage is a specialized type of relaxation massage designed to help give your body a re-set. This massage type uses different types of techniques to bring optimal health back to your body. It’s tailored to your needs, giving you custom solutions to help you feel better overall.

What Does Ayurvedic Massage Help With?

Ayurvedic massage can help with different types of conditions and help you feel better. Because the massage is tailored to you, the benefits are going to help you. Whether you’re looking to focus better, have better skin, or something else, Ayurvedic massage from Therapeutic Medical Massage can help.

What are the Doshas?

An Ayurvedic massage works to restore the three main doshas in your body: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each of the doshas control three different things within your mind and body. Below we’ll go over the different types of doshas and some of the keys to determining which of the doshas are out of balance.


  • May be cold more often
  • Have a lower body weight
  • Rough and dry skin
  • Easily anxious or irritated


  • May have dry skin or oily skin
  • Red rashes may appear on your skin
  • May be critical of others


  • Soft, hydrated skin
  • Imbalance means you may gain weight
  • Feel tired and lethargic

Aruna will work with you at the beginning of your first appointment to see where you may have imbalances and tailor the massage appointment to solve the problem. Ultimately, you’ll feel better.

How Does It Vary From Regular Massages?

With a general relaxation massage, they are geared to the general population to help them relax. But with Ayurvedic massage, it’s much more tailored to your needs. In that sense, it’s more similar to a medical massage, which is customized to your needs. But, Ayurvedic massage is still classified as a relaxation massage, as it can help you relax and re-set your body. If you need a re-set that goes beyond a traditional massage, Ayurvedic massage can help.

As a specialized massage type, Ayurvedic massage will help you feel better overall. Through the relaxation techniques and lifestyle adjustments made during the massage, you can feel more like yourself. Whether you experience skin rashes, like eczema, or just want a more specialized, customizable massage to help you relax, an Ayurvedic massage can help. Want to see what Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage can do to help you feel better? Schedule an appointment today!