Are you looking for alternative ways to heal? At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer a number of different ways to heal. One of the most common therapies is a cupping massage. Cupping massage uses heated cups to help with healing and opens the pathways in your body. If you’ve ever wondered about what cupping massage is and if it works for you, now is your chance to learn about it.

What Is Cupping Massage

Cupping massage is a specific type of massage that aims to promote healing. Aruna will place cups on specific places on your body and suction them to your skin. The placement of the cups depends on the reason you turned to cupping massage for healing. As the cups suction your skin deeper into the cups, it creates negative pressure, which helps resolve the problem you have. Cupping opens the pathways of the body and helps increase circulation in your body.

Aruna uses two types of cupping massage: dry and wet. Dry cupping means the cups are applied to your skin and suctioned. Wet cupping means small punctures will be made on your skin, which lets small amounts of blood out before the cups are placed. This helps toxins leave the body.

What Can It Treat

Cupping massage can help treat a wide variety of ailments. Many athletes turn to cupping massage to reduce the amount of lactic acid in their bodies after an intense workout or sporting event. But people who don’t compete can also benefit from cupping massage. People who suffer from back, neck, shoulder, or knee pain have also experienced relief from cupping massage. It’s also helped people with asthma and arthritis. If you’re looking for ways to help experience relief from recurring pain or health problems, cupping massage can help.

Can Cupping Massage Combine With Other Treatments

If you choose to have a wet cupping session, the punctures in your skin are done in a process that’s similar to acupuncture. Additionally, if you’re looking for an actual massage during your cupping session, Aruna may move some of the cups around on your body while they’re still suctioned to your skin.

What Are Some Of The Side Effects Of Cupping Massage

Cupping massage is a relatively safe therapy. The main side effect of cupping massage is bruising following treatments. The bruises typically fade after a few days. You may also experience a small pinch when the cups are placed and start working, but the pain typically isn’t anything worse. The majority of time, cupping massage doesn’t cause any serious health problems.

Cupping massage can be used to aid your healing of a variety of ailments. If you’re looking for different types of healing therapies, a cupping massage may be beneficial for you. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna uses different types of massage and techniques, like cupping massage, designed to help you heal and feel better overall. If you’re curious about what cupping massage is and how it can help you in your healing, contact the office today.