Not all massages are created equal. Sometimes you need a massage that calms you down. Other times, you need a targeted massage for an injury or medical problem. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, you’ll more likely have an appointment for a massage with some kind of medical need associated with it. Many people are unsure about what a medical massage actually means. Below, you’ll learn about medical massage and some the benefits medical massage provides.

Medical Massage Provides a Pinpoint Massage

When you receive a medical massage, you have some kind of reason you’re getting it done. For instance, women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or recently gave birth are likely the ones having a pregnancy massage. Someone who strained a muscle from a sporting event will not be getting a pregnancy massage. That’s one of the perks with a medical massage. Because you’re in the office for a specific medical reason, you’ll receive a medical massage designed to tackle the problem you have. By focusing only on the area and problem you’re facing, you are likely to get a targeted massage that aids in your healing.

Medical Massage Focuses on One Area

When you visit a salon or spa that offers massage, typically they perform one kind of massage. That may be a Swedish massage or a hot stone massage. When you visit a medical massage center, you have a variety of massage types at your disposal to aid in your healing. Sometimes, combining different massage techniques may prove beneficial in helping you get better. However, even if one massage treatment is applied at a time, the overall purpose of the appointment is the same: to help you get better. One of the fringe benefits of medical massage may be relaxation, but that’s not the main reason you’re getting the massage. You want to heal and feel better and that’s one of the reasons you’ve turned to medical massage to help in your healing.

Not All Massage Therapists are Medical Massage Therapists

All massage therapists require certification and training in massage therapy. However, not all massage therapists can be medical massage therapists. Typically, becoming a medical massage therapist requires more training than a regular massage therapist. For instance, Aruna has a massage therapy license in the state of Ohio. She also has training in precision neuromuscular therapy. Additionally, she is certified in nurturing the mother pregnancy massage, ashiatsu-barefoot massage, and many other massage types. To further prove that Aruna is serious about helping people and training others to learn the different techniques that she offers training for others to learn the techniques she uses to help patients regularly.

Medical massage does wonders in helping in pain relief from acute and chronic injuries. If you’re suffering from a medical issue and are looking for alternative pain relief methods, turn to medical massage. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we help our clients manage their pain while helping them relax. If you’re in need of an alternative pain relief method, contact Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage now.