Do you have lasting scars from an operation or injury? Do they cause you to experience chronic soft tissue pain? If left untreated, these scars can bind themselves to the surrounding joints. This can cause increasingly negative effects on the body such as inhibiting blood flow and obstruction to internal organs. These effects are not instant and can show up years after surgery. If this sounds like you, MPS (microcurrent point stimulation) scar tissue release therapy may be the solution for your suffering. MPS scar tissue release therapy is a method used to release or relax scars which significantly reduces the restrictions of scar tissue. MPS works to restore the flow of fluids, increase range of motion, accelerate cellular healing, and relieve chronic and acute pain. While MPS helps to alleviate your pain and scarring, this therapeutic medical massage also benefits the whole body.

Benefits of MPS

Besides aesthetically getting rid of your scar, MPS has amazing benefits to the body as a whole. Scar tissue is thicker and abnormal when compared to our healthy tissue. Scar tissue negatively impacts and stresses our autonomic nervous system (ANS), the system responsible for regulating our organs. This is serious because it restricts the flow of energy through nerve fibers which causes chain reactions throughout the whole body. It is best to consider MPS therapy to regulate your ANS. Regulating the ANS will allow your body to function in the way it was meant to- stress free.

Is MPS Right for Me?

If you suffer from chronic soft tissue pain or a painful scar, MPS is right for you! Releasing scar tissue that directly impacts the area of pain is oftentimes the most important factor in treating chronic pain. Contact Aruna today to schedule your MPS therapy appointment!