Do you struggle from painful scar tissue or chronic soft tissue pain? Therapeutic Medical Massage is here to help with the best therapy for scars. If scars from surgeries or operations are left untreated, they can bind themselves to surrounding joints. The effects of this are not good as they can restrict blood flow and obstruct internal organs, as well as other possible negative side effects. Not only that, but scars cause stress on the body and restrict energy flow. It is best to release scar tissue- this can be done via microcurrent point stimulation, or, MPS therapy.

What is MPS?

Microcurrent point stimulation is an incredibly safe (and easy to use) machine. Therapeutic Medical Massage applies this technique via the Dolphin Neurostim- the world’s first device specially designed to treat chronic or acute soft tissue pain. This works by applying brief microcurrent impulses to specific treatment points. With the pulses, the body naturally releases endorphins, relaxes muscles, and relieves nervous system stress. The way that the Dolphin and MPS therapy work so quickly on the muscular and nervous systems is how the device is so effective in its chronic pain relief. MPS therapy also helps to reduce the look of scars, accelerate cellular healing, relax patients, and improve functionality.

Why Is MPS the Best Option?

Scar tissue is different from our normal tissue in that it fills in gaps between the skin, it is much stiffer than healthy skin. The body wants to work quickly to close the gap- it sends separated, unorganized collagen to fill in this space. When this is happening, our body becomes stressed. MPS works so brilliantly because it re-localizes tissue by releasing the area affected by scar tissue. This is so cool because the Dolphin does not do the healing for you, it simply aids and motivates your body to heal the scar properly and on its own. If you are considering scar removal or in need of chronic soft tissue pain relief, MPS therapy is the best therapy for scars! Contact Aruna today to begin your journey with the Dolphin.