Are you pregnant or trying to get pregnant? A pregnancy massage can help alleviate any symptoms you’re experiencing. Additionally, if you’re trying to get pregnant, a fertility massage can help. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna is certified in the Nurturing the Mother massage and has helped expectant mothers relax throughout the pregnancy. If you’re considering a pregnancy massage, turn to Therapeutic Medical Massage.

Before Pregnancy

Are you trying to get pregnant? Aruna has a massage that can help prepare your body for the upcoming pregnancy. Whether you’re getting pregnant the natural way or through IVF, we can help prepare your body. This massage is designed specifically for women and uses massage techniques to help your body be ready to carry a baby. There’s no time frame associated with this type of massage, so you can have this massage as long as it takes for you to get pregnant.

During Pregnancy

Once you’re pregnant, you can start to have a pregnancy massage. As mentioned above, Aruna is certified in the Nurturing the Mother massage and is one of the few massage therapists in the area that performs pregnancy massages. These massages are all about you, so if you’re sore or achy, let Aruna know. She’ll focus on those areas during your massage to help you relax and feel better. If any lotion is used, it is unscented and organic to keep Mom and baby safe.

After Pregnancy

Follow pregnancy, you can still have a massage. With a postpartum massage, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable throughout your massage. The way you lay down during your massage depends on your comfort level and any pain that you are currently experiencing. Just like with the pregnancy massage, Aruna will ask you about pain or soreness you’re experiencing and will tailor the massage to your needs. It’s what makes massage such a great therapy for pregnant women and women who recently had a baby.

How Often to Have a Pregnancy Massage

Depending on how far along in your pregnancy will determine how long and how often you’ll receive a pregnancy massage. For instance, once you’ve had your child, you can start to get postpartum massages as soon as you feel comfortable. During pregnancy, we recommend having a pregnancy massage twice a week for six weeks. With this, we’ve found that soon to be moms are less stressed and have less anxiety. Because pregnancy massage is based on your individual needs, the appointments will be scheduled based on how you’re feeling. That’s why it’s important to be honest during a pre-appointment conversation with Aruna so the massage is tailored to your needs.

Are you looking for ways to relax during your pregnancy? A pregnancy massage from Therapeutic Medical Massage can help. During a pregnancy massage, Aruna will help your body relax and learn about what your symptoms are to make sure the massage is right for you. If you’re pregnant or looking to get pregnant, turn to Therapeutic Medical Massage. We can help moms stay comfortable during their pregnancy.